Simple Sew Floating Bodice

I always mean to get involved in these challenges, and before I know it, the month has flown by and we are into the next. But this indie challenge happened to coincides perfectly with the end of exams! So I celebrated by using a Simple Sew #011 ‘the floating bodice dress’ from Love Sewing Issue 13

While at the ‘sewing for pleasure’ fair at the NEC a few months ago, I picked up 2m of light green with white polka dot cotton, and I’ve just been itching to use it! But I always planned on making a dress like this with it, acquiring the pattern was a very exciting day for me! I know its poor practice, but I very rarely make muslins, especially for day dresses (evening wear, I tend to muslin) so I cut a straight 12 from the measurements on the back. In reality, it wasn’t too poor a fit, a little wide on the hips perhaps, but a comfortable fit for the height of British summer. The only notion needed was a 22″ white invisible zips that went in like a dream because there were no waistband seams to match up!

The biggest problem I encountered was with the gloating part of the bodice, but that was only because I didn’t check the whole edge of the bodice was inserted into the dart, so there was a little bit flapping and fraying. I unpacked part of the dart and re-set it. Now you can’t tell which side went wrong!

I will be honest, I liked the pattern, but I didn’t think the instructions followed a logical progression, so I discarded those after the bodice had been attached to the main dress and just made the dress how it felt logical to do so! Usually, I have no issue with Simple Sew patterns, in fact, I love them so much! They are amazing, easy to follow and generally look fantastic when finished. I just wasn’t too fond of the instruction organisation this time. However, once again, the dress looks awesome, and I can’t wait to take it for a test wear when I go back home this week!

I have written a more in depth blog, with more pictures etc on my blog: ‘Floating Bodice Dress’

Thank you very much! Good luck with everyone’s indie patterns for the rest of the month! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Simple Sew Floating Bodice

  1. Fantastic dress! I did wonder when I looked at the pattern how the floating bodice worked, it’s great to see it made up. By the way, you may wish to change a little typo that crept in – although a “….gloating part of the bodice…” is intriguing!


    • Thank you! Oh dear, haha! I thought I had managed to find them all! My tablet autocorrect Floating to gloating for some peculiar reason! Might leave it in, for humours sakes! Maybe the Floating part is gloating at the rest of the dress because it isn’t attached…? Haha. Who knows!


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