The 11th Hour

At the 11th hour I finally finished the dress…but still had to take photos and do the post! Yikes!

I’ve been so busy the last two weeks but with fabulous news—found out I passed the California bar exam and was sworn in Friday afternoon! Officially an attorney. Weird to say that after taking 7 years to get here, but I’m here. Yay! 😀

So, after much celebration and at 2:00pm June 7th (in SoCal it’s 6:58am), I decided to get a move on and cut all the fabric pieces out. I had already printed and cut out the pattern and briefly read the instructions which seemed confusing. The pattern I used is the 60’s Kimono Dress by Mixy Mitzy from Craftsy.  The dress is similar to a ready to wear dress I have from a few years ago and I love that dress. So, I did this dress!

The fabric, about 2.5 yards for, maybe 50 cents(!), I chose is a cotton I got it at the swap meet from a pile of fabrics from one vendor. I am not sure if it is all cotton or a blend (cotton feel but slippery) since swap meet vendors do not label fabric and their fabrics are factory “rejects”. This cotton has a couple rips in it.  I do not go to the swap meet often because it is hard to not buy any fabric when you go to the swap meet…hahaha!

          The pattern is only one size, 34Bx26Wx36H and I’m a 29Bx24Wx33H. The RTW dress is a pull over, so with this 60’s Kimono pattern, instructions include a zipper, but I figured since I am smaller than the pattern I may get away with no zipper (time constraints here…) and make it pull-over too. I also shortened the dress to knee length because at 4’11”, the pattern length was near my ankle and made me look even shorter. I also lowered the front neckline. I took away the peter pan collar…not a fan of them on me.
          The instructions are not very clear—it does not state yardage needed, whether seam allowance is included (it is if you look at the pattern itself), and that bias trim was needed but it’s not in the photo but it’s really an option in the instructions for the sleeve ends. The instructions itself is confusing at certain points, for example, #11 it states to ease and gather the front—there are two fronts at this point and all marks are matched up but easing it would make it not match up on marks and all wonky. So I left it as is, looked at the photo and saw I really should fold the inside towards the wrong side for the “V” part of the neckline. Same thing with the back yoke so I just stitched it up as a seam. I ended up doing my own approach for half the instructions.
          I did not pay attention to how much fabric I had for the layout…oops…however, it was a good oops. The fabric had a couple rips in it so I had to re-configure pattern layout a few times. Originally I wanted to do the dress long sleeved but the rips in the fabric prevented me from doing so (next dress I will do long sleeves!). So, I changed to short sleeves which was a better option because of how busy the print is.
          I’m pleased with how the dress turned out!!  At first without the belt it reminded me of the 60’s or 70’s show Three’s Company where the older woman/neighbor wore those mumus, then adding the belt makes all the difference and so much more modern and cute!
IMG_0471 IMG_0477  IMG_0482

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