Tropical Dress

Hello everyone!

Better late than ever, right?

This was going to be my entry for the Put a Bird on It challenge, but I´ve been feeling really sick lately (I think this has to do with the fact that I am pregnant with twins, ha!) and I just couldn´t sew at all…

But I am feeling like myself again now, so I made the dress for the Indie Pattern Month.

I chose my beloved pattern, the best pattern in my opinion, the Lady Skater Dress from Kitschy Coo. I made size 5, but shortened the bodice a little. I don´t have to say that I love this pattern, the fitting is great, the instructions are great, I already made several versions of it, and I don´t plan to stop making them any time soon…

To be honest, this was not a good fabric choice for this patttern. Although the fabric is beautiful, the knit is too thin, and on this dress, it shows every lump and bump. Since I am now with a baby bump. I don´t really mind…I finished all the seams with my serger, and added knit stay tape on the shoulders, as I always do.

I love these cute birds!

Lady Skater Birds

As for pattern placement, I wanted lots of flowers on the top, and a border at the bottom, I think it looks good this way.


So this is it for now, I already made another dress this week, I will show you soon!

And here is a photo of my (still) kind of small bump!

Lady Skater Bump

Do you guys have any suggestion for good patterns, suitable for maternity? Please let me know!

All the best from Brazil,


11 thoughts on “Tropical Dress

  1. I’m amazed that you were able to do a waist seam with a baby bump! I’ve actually spent much of the last several months playing around with maternity sewing ideas (my baby’s due any day now). Some of the things I found that worked well: the Cake Tiramisu dress with a more narrow midriff band– I actually swapped that part for a different pattern with a longer skirt that had a little gathering in the center, so I could make a maxi-dress that’s also nursing-friendly. The Deer & Doe Plantain top that I made pre-pregnancy worked for me until around month 7, so with a little added width and length in the front, that could be a good (and free!) pick. I also played around with adding some ruching and length to the sides of the Sewaholic Renfrew top, which was a less successful experiment, but I honestly could have done better if I’d done more length and side elastic like the RTW tops I picked up later. A long knit skirt with a wide yoga-style waistband was what I was wearing yesterday. I adapted mine from an old Simplicity pattern that I had, but the Lady Skater skirt could also be a good place to start with that. I really wish I’d made several more of those skirts! I hope that helps!


    • Hi Becky, thank you so much for all those tips! Today I am wearing a Tiramisu dress, it´s one of my favorite patterns,I think it´s a good idea to make it with a narrow midriff band, I will try it… I am not even thinking about nursing friendly clothes yet, ha! I made a cute dress using Plantain top (just extended the sides), and this might work as well. The problem is, it´s now winter in Brazil, and I don´t know for how much longer I will be able to wear dresses, and I can´t even think about wearing tights, I always hated them! Thanks a lot for all the info, and good luck with your new baby!
      All the best to you!


  2. Cute dress and bump! Check out Jennifer Lauren vintage. She has just had a baby and shows on her recent blog posts how she styled some of her me made wardrobe and own patterns for maternity ;o)


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