Riding That Train…

IMG_0905I’m so impressed with all of the entries for the Indie Dress Contest! There are some awesome makes using unique indie patterns. Many of which are brand new to me. It’s so neat to see what they look like on real people! Here are my coordinating separates for this week’s contest. IMG_0892

  • What pattern did you use? The top is a staple of mine, Lekala 4284 I’ve made it at least a half dozen times. I like the decorative feature on the back. I call it the Bow Back Top. You can see one here and a few here. The skirt is Itch to Stitch Petal Skirt. Currently a free pattern.


  • What fabric did you use? I used a medium weight  black cotton/lycra from the Dharma Co. for the top. They also carry white which is specially made for dying. Dying is on my to-do list as soon as the drought is over and it’s not so hot outside. I used a textured sweater knit for the skirt from Vogue Fabrics.


  • Tell us about the pattern – The pattern is made to your measurements at the Lekala Site so it fits perfectly. It’s very easy to serge together, and finish the neckline, sleeves, and hem with the coverstitch machine. I highly recommend it to you all. It’s also a great stash buster because you can color block it with bits of this and that. I don’t like my tops really fitted so I added a smidgen more ease by moving the center line of the back, front, and bodice pieces 1/4 inch from the fold of the fabric.


  • Did you include any fun/interesting/new-to-you details? The knot on the back bow is made from the same fabric as my skirt. I hope it’s not too matchy matchy! 🙂


  • What do you think of your finished garment? I  made a muslin for the skirt and found that I could safely make the size medium. The skirt was  quick and easy to put together. I followed the clearly explained directions and was very pleased. I really liked the instructions for sewing in the waist band and elastic.


  • I am going to make another one for my daughter which may be posted in a later contest if I don’t get overwhelmed with work! Everyone who needs something sewn, mended, or hemmed as found me. It’s a good thing though, because I like the pocket change.

IMG_0933 Happy Sewing and Good Luck in the contest! See more of my sewing projects at Zibergirl.com

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  2. You’ve been a busy little sewing bee! And you’re upping your photography-game, too 🙂 Nice work and cute pictures!


  3. Great outfit! I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the quality (and price) of Dharma’s fabrics for when I need solid stuff. Good luck with the dyeing projects!


  4. Wow I love this outfit! I especially love how you used the skirt fabric for the bow’s tie. That was an excellent idea. It looks fantastic on you.


  5. Great outfit! I’ve got this pattern on my list of ‘to makes’ and I like how you’ve paired with with a smart tee. Thanks for the inspiration.


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