Hawthorn and Mortmain, my Minnie Outfit

I was quite pleased to learn that “Separates” was a contest during Indie Pattern Month, as I feel they often get overlooked in favour of dresses. Being a separates contest I naturally turned to two dress patterns to make my outfit.

Sleek profile

Ever since I bought the red polka dot poplin I had planned to make it into a skirt, using the skirt from Gather’s Mortmain dress. After some use of Google I found a tutorial on their site, which I used, although I probably could have made it by my own mind. Since my fabric had a bit of stretch to it, I decided to interface both waistband pieces to keep stability. Being the main feature of the Mortmain, of course I have an exposed zipper in the back. For the top I made a cropped version of Colette’s Hawthorn dress, with a tutorial from Coletterie. Even though all my measurements hit the same size, I still had to do an FBA. Pattern drafting – an art I’ll never understand. I did a 2 cm FBA, following the Sew-along, adding a side dart. I also split the waist dart in two to give the shirt a smoother look. This is one of the best fitting shirts I own!

Not my best face, but it shows all the darts I sewed

The fabrics are quite similar, both are cotton poplin with 3% elastane. So comfortable. I originally envisioned an eyelet top to match the skirt, but I didn’t care for the eyelet fabrics I found, the were lightweight and flimsy, not suitable for a crisp shirt. Both patterns are easy to work with, having detailed instructions and images. I particularly like that the Mortmain pattern is printed on a heavier paper since I’m on team trace. The two tutorials I used to make my garments were also easy to follow. This was my first attempt at the Hawthorn, but not Colette, and I found the instructions to be clear without any hiccups. If more help is needed the sew-along shows all the steps in a more detailed manner.

I like my new outfit!

I have dubbed this outfit my Minnie outfit since I feel it’s reminiscent of Minnie Mouse herself. I do like how these two pieces go together and compliment each other, and I can always pair them with other things in my wardrobe. More information on my blog.

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