Ellice pant with Willara Top

Ellice pants

I finished this pair of pants only a couple of hours ago and had just enough daylight left to get my husband to take some pictures. The pants will be one of the garments in my next pattern release at the beginning of July. They are astonishingly quick and easy to make…these were cut and sewed in 1 hour! There are only 2 pattern pieces to cut and the waistband is elastic. They were made in 1.4m of stretch bengaline.

Ellice pant, pulled out Ellice pant, waistband Ellice pant, back

I paired the pants with a top from another of my patterns – the “Willara” Top (this pattern is currently a free giveaway from my blog www.pearlredmoon.com) The top was made in a soft cotton stretch knit from a print in my range (Palimpsest in Grey) The top is also an easy, quick make. Putting the inset pockets into the side seams blew the total making time for this out to an hour and 15 minutes!

Ellice pant,  3quart view Ellice pant side view

7 thoughts on “Ellice pant with Willara Top

    • Bengaline is a woven textile that also has stretch, due to a proportion of the fibres it is woven with being elastic. Therefore it has some of the properties of knit but is still a woven textile. The stretch of bengaline can vary, the one I used was relatively firm with only about 10% stretch. The weave of the cloth is dense and close, giving it good durability. The weave also has a slightly raised texture that somewhat resembles broadcloth and a matte, low sheen appearance. It’s properties of durability and flexibility make it an excellent choice for skirts and trousers as those types of garments receive a great deal of stress, due to the movement of the legs, torso and the action of the seat being sat on. Bengaline is a pretty common staple fabric stocked in most fabric shops so look it up next time you’re in a cloth shop.


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