A flowery Bruyère

For the Indie Pattern Month Separates Challenge I’ve chosen la chemise Bruyère. I’ve made it last last year for our eldest daughter and had also planned to make one for myself. But then a couple of other things had to be made and my Bruyère was out of sight but not out of mind. It’s great thing that the editors of The Monthly Stitch creates a month for Indie Pattern Makers. These is the third challenge and every time they create something special. So a big thank for Kat, Met and Juliet. For the fabric I used a blue/white flowery design. It was in my stash for a couple of years. Now was the time to pick the Bruyère from shelf and the fabric out of the closet. I’ve made some changes:

  • SBA
  • downsizing from size 40 body gradually to size 36 on hips
  • making the body longer
  • replacing the collar to the center-fron
  • making a different sleeve placket
  • making shoulder fit for my broad shoulders


Buying fabric for a garment and then not sewing it happening sometimes. If I’m honest most of stash is built up with fabrics bought for something but then left aside for what ever reason. Bruyère is the french name for heather (Calluna vulgaris), the beautiful plants with purple, white and copper flowers. So I decided to make the Bruyère from this lovely blue/white flowery fabric. Getting the Bruyère out of the fabric was a bit of challenge but when I cut the sleeves in two it possible. Because I already had decided to make a shirt dress placket the cutting started at that place. The sewing was pretty easy. I made buttonholes instead of snaps. Here I’m wearing it with a jeans.

The sewing of the blouse was pretty straight forward. The collar is set in together with the shoulder yoke and front placket. By doing it this way you get a nice and crisp finish. Instead of sewing the waistband with a french seam I’ve cut the waistband twice.


On the inside of the blouse you see the waistband wright side of the fabric too. The sleeve plackets looks the one which can be seen in mens dress-shirt, but the construction was different because I had two sleeve parts. Although the placket suggested at the pattern is fine I prefer the classic mens dress-shirt because the finishing is more refined.

The placket is extra long so a buttonhole was made in halfway. And the longer makes it easier to roll up the sleeve and once it’s rolled it’s less bulky. Due to the sheerness of the fabric I used buttons instead of snaps. To find matching buttons was a bit of a challenge. Eventually I found them on the annual fabric market.

Sadly the heather is not flowering yet, but some other plants in our garden do.


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