IPM Separates Week – Staples of the Male Wardrobe

I have sewn not for myself this week (actually that’s a total lie) But for my Husband.

First up I made this really simple tee pattern from Melly Sews, It is also free BONUS!

I made this tee late last month for Hubby’s birthday, as compensation for that fact that I hadn’t even started the Jedediah Pants I was meant to make him.

IMG_5949The pattern is in one size, medium, it fits him quite well through the shoulders and arms but could really do with taking in down the sides next time.

IMG_5943The pattern went together super quick and really simple to make, I have made enough tops in my time I didn’t follow the instructions (so I have no idea what they are like sorry).

Fabric is a light weight knit from Levana, I top stitched in orange just to give the tee a little pop in colour.

Now to the bottom half!

Jedediah Pants by Thread Theory,

I have been putting these off for AGES! like its been almost a year since I taped the pattern together!

Start of this month I traced off the pattern and cut them out, but I only actually made them yesterday!

Yes I spent the whole day sewing jeans yesterday, my hands were stained blue from the denim!!!

IMG_5945I think I was putting these off as there were several processes/techniques in these that I had never done before, flat felled seams, actually just that really but then the whole thing of they aren’t just a pair of trousers they are JEANS! I’ve never made jeans! So guess what Hubby is the guinea pig as not I feel great about them and can make a pair for myself now!

IMG_5947So mostly this pattern was simple, the instructions were easy to follow. Being my first pair of jeans I followed the instructions to the T … Not again. The instructions get you to sew the outside leg seam and then the flat felled inseam … do you know how almost impossible that is? and the top stitching is just terribly wonky, there was no way around it, apart from unpick the outside leg seam, which after the mammoth task of sewing the inseams I couldn’t be arsed!

IMG_5951Apart from those to steps that should really be the other way around, the rest of the instructions I found ok.

I made a size 30 as per his measurements with no adjustments, and I think they pit him pretty well!
Well they are better fit than half the RTW jeans he has!

IMG_5952Hubby and I spent quite awhile choosing a design for the back pockets, these are the part of the jeans I am most proud of!

IMG_5969Also I found a button to match!

IMG_5965The Front pockets aren’t just made of plain fabric… that would be too boring!

This is what Hubby chose from my stash!


The Details:

Fabrics: Lightweight cotton knit from Levana $1 yes that’s right this tee cost a whole one dollar!
Denim $15 for 2m from a fabric seller on Trade Me.

Patterns: FREE Men’s T -Shirt pattern by Melly Sews!
Jedediah Pants pattern by Tread Theory

Notions: Treads from stash, interfacing from stash, Jeans button from work 80c.

Thanks Laura from Laulipopnz

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