Tania+Briar= love for ever

Hi all, great to be back so soon!!

This is the second week of Indie Pattern Month and we’ve got Separates to play with.

My inspiration came from fabric choice, again a buy in Athens on my recent trip, and again, a viscose but this time woven. My first instinct was for a Cascade skirt as I ‘ve made a few but have none in my wardrobe?! but then, I saw Megan’s  tutorial on how to make Tania midi, and  I was sold! For the top, the Briar is my preferred t-shirt and a pattern that fits me well. Also the hi-low hem goes well with the high waist of the culottes although I do prefer it tucked in. In fact, searching for a top pattern for Tania, most people out there match it with briar, not randomly I’m sure! The fabric for the top came from my stash, a very light cotton jersey that is super soft and lovely to wear. I’ve made several briar’s and one and a half Tania (the other half I managed to stupidly destroy), so I was well comfortable with both patterns.


For the culottes I followed Megan’s tutorial  version 1, and added apparently too much length. My culottes ended up maxi! I like them though, they have awesome flow and it’s not so hot where I live which maybe will give me a little more wear time. So I kept the length and to make sure they stay as long as possible I did a baby rolled hem- with a special machine foot, which probably took 1/4 of the time regular hemming would take with two wide circle hems.



I kept about 8″ of ease in the hips on size S when modifying my pattern and I used size M waistband (for space for dessert ;)) Otherwise, construction was super smooth, used an invisible zipper that went in nicely on first try and is-in fact- invisible! I pinked and overlock-stitched all the seams on my sewing machine to finish the insides.

For the top, I have to be honest as most of my sewing gear is still in boxes, I had to trace the Briar out of another version I have in my current limited wardrobe. But that was easy. I’m pretty sure it is size S. I knew I didn’t want sleeves and that I would add the cuffs from the contrast-culotte fabric. But, I did not have the binding pattern piece which makes it a little random to get a good finish on the neckline. Obviously I had to do it twice! The first time my binding was too long and it was not laying flat. Second time is much improved after a lot of pressing and topstitching ( I love the contrast blue!) but it is what one might say- a kinda sexy neckline. I left the hem raw because it is nicer that way with this light fabric and I don’t think any other finish would actually achieve a clean look.

All in all, I do love this outfit 🙂 I can wear the pieces together or combine them with other garments , and I’m pretty sure they will both be great staples for the summer!


Thanks for coming by! To see more from me go have a look here.


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