Closet Case Files Party

Hey! Tasha here!

I haven’t been participating in The Monthly Stitch monthly challenges like I’m used to doing but today I’m back to jump in for Indie Pattern Month! Week two of the Indie competition is “Separates”: basically sewing at least 2 things that go together. Perfect time for me because I already wanted to make some high-waisted shorts and had another Nettie planned!

For this outfit I used Closet Case Files patterns; The Nettie bodysuit and The Ginger Jeans. For the bodysuit, I cut a size 12 in both the bodysuit and the gingers.


For the shorts I used a remnant from JoAnn fabrics called “Gene AST Solid Dark Denim 50″” that was .695yd. It says that it’s 99% cotton and 1% spandex. It feels a bit stretchier than that to me though. I didn’t have enough fabric to make the pockets unfortunately. … Actually, in hindsight, I did but I cut the jeans at the “lengthen/shorten” line and ended up cutting them shorter later in the process. If I would have cut them the length that I ended up with in the beginning, I would have had enough fabric for back pockets… oh well, though. Maybe I will try to use what I cut off to add the pockets… idk. maybe. I actually might do it because I i’m still on the fence on how I feel about these shorts without back pockets.

For the bodysuit I used fabric I got from The Smuggler’s Daughter. It is a black knit called “Perfect for a Pencil Skirt” (no longer available). It is a bit compressing (which I like) and it is a VERY stable knit. A bit too warm to be wearing in this heat lol but I can wait to pull it out again in the Fall. I should have redone the binding by then lol (more on that later).

The lining fabric from both pieces is a remnant that I got at G Street Fabrics. It has been sitting in my stash for over a year and I have not been able to figure out a use for it. It was too loud to me to be a garment all on it’s own.


I’ll start with the Ginger alterations. I ripped apart my favorite jeans that had the biggest hole around the crotch area to see what alterations I needed to make.  I curved the waistband by taking two 1/4″ darts that helped curve it into the shape of my old jeans. I also did a 1″ full butt adjustment. I was already planning to do it after looking at my last iteration but putting the old jeans on the pattern piece confirmed that for me. I also cut down the crotch curve about 5/8″ tapering down out to nothing.  To get the length of the shorts I layed down a pair of shorts that I already have and used that length.

I decided to go all out for this pair and do the flat felled seams as well as add rivets. I also made the waist stay as well instead of the regular pocket bags. At the end, I did a little distressing with some sandpaper I got from Lowe’s. I will def go back and do a bit more. I just kind of ran out of time.

For alterations on the Nettie, I added 1/2″ to the back curved sides in an attempt to have bra strap coverage. I also made a cutout in the back. I was having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to bind it but while I was taking these pictures, it came to me lol So when I get home, I will be redoing the binding of the cutout. I also added a small strap of fabric and a snap where my bra band would sit so that it doesn’t fall into the cut out. The sleeves were cut at the “lengthen/shorten line” and are not hemmed. Oh! and I sewed the side seams only 1/4″. I think that had to do with the fabric.


For the Nettie, I used some set-in snaps from Dritz. For the Gingers, I some “Easy-to-Do Rapid Rivets” from Amazon. They did end up being super easy. The came with the setter and anvil. One hit of the hammer and they were done. The jean button is a Dritz one from my stash.  The red zipper is YKK also from my stash. I got it from Panama last time I was there

This is the second time I’ve made both the nettie and gingers and it definitely won’t be my last. I like both pieces but I’m not quite sure I like them so much TOGETHER lol It goes alright but they are both good basics that I can mix and match with a lot of stuff in my closet. I THINK that’s about it lol

I love seeing everyone’s creations, especially this month!

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  2. Those shorts look so professional! And thanks for the tip on the Smuggler’s Daughter, I hadn’t heard of them before, I’ll definitely be checking them out 🙂


  3. I admire the process you went through to perfect you shorts. They turned out so well! The body suit is an excellent fit and the back detail takes it to a whole other level! Well done!


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