Coming Round Full Circle

So I made another set of separates this week for Indie Pattern Month, this time for me!

Last year of Indie Pattern Month’s Fan Girl challenge, I made the Papaercut Circle Top, now I’ve made my second one exactly a year later! This time I have paired it with the Deer and Doe Plantain!

I bought the fabric for this circle top, oh about November last year in The Fabric Warehouse pop-up sale! It is really summer fabric, I was going to make it for last summer… but alas I’m only getting round to it now!

IMG_5958The fabric is really cool, its striped, mmmm STRIPES, and textured, its really really lovely!

IMG_5956As I had made this pattern before I knew how easy it is! The fabric was a dream to work with too! I only made one change to the pattern and that was to leave off the self-binding round the edge of the circle, as the fabric didn’t really work, the strips were too wide. I looked for a similar knit in my stash in grey to match but sadly I didn’t have one.
So instead I overlocked the edge, folded it over twice and straight stitched all the way round.

IMG_5959I love this pattern, I love how comfy it is, yet how it drapes so nicely!!

IMG_5957Surprisingly this circle top is actually quite warm especially paired with this Plantain, its made from Marino!!!

That brings me round to the second item for this post!

IMG_5961This is the 5th Plantain I have made! LOVE this pattern! It is also the 3rd one I have made in Marino. It works so well as a staple top in the winter wardrobe, I have more marine waiting to be made into more of these too!

IMG_5962This fabric I got from The Fabric Store a few weeks ago, so unlike the cardie fabric is hasn’t had time to be forgotten about in my stash.
Its purple, gosh I LOVE purple!

IMG_5963I think this dark purple works really well with the light bold stripes of the circle top and I have worn them together several times since making them earlier this week!

The Details:

Fabrics: 1.2m of Lightwieght Striped Cotton Knit from The Fabric Warehouse $3pm
1m of Purple Marino from The Fabric Store $16pm

Patterns: Circle Top by Papercut Patterns
Plantain Tee by Deer and Doe (FREE)

Notions: Thread from stash

That is all from me for this week folks (boy two posts in a day, record!)

Laura from Laulipopnz

7 thoughts on “Coming Round Full Circle

  1. Nice work! I like the plantain, it looks like a great winter outfit. Your sewing machine must be running red-hot, you’ve been very prolific! 🙂


    • Hahahaha yes it has been a little bit 😉 every spare moment I have been sewing this month, probably doesn’t help that I am surrounded by sewing machines at work!


  2. I like that circle top a lot. I also love working with merino wool, and have made one shell so far. I intend to make more, with sleeves. It’s a great fabric to wear too. But here in western Canada, it’s pretty expensive.


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