Meringue & Plantain

Meringue and Plantain – who’d have thought it?

Colette Meringue Skirt

Right now, trousers – and certainly jeans – are a no-go for me. I’m very fussy on fit so I just can’t be bothered to try at the moment! I didn’t even consider making leggings; just straightaway knew I’d make a skirt.

So let’s start with that.

The Skirt – Meringue, by Colette Patterns (from the Colette Sewing Handbook)

Long story short, I LOVE it. I can’t even express how much so.

Colette Meringue Skirt

This is the first project I’ve made from the book, and I’m really looking forward to sewing up more of their beautiful projects now. I am sooo happy with the fit. The pattern’s sizing was bang on. My waist is 27″, hip 37″ so I cut a straight 4 and it fits perfectly.

I’m proud of the zip!

Colette Meringue Skirt

Talking of neat – I love the scallops. How pretty are they?!

Colette Meringue Skirt

This skirt pattern gets a big thumbs up from me for many reasons, but the main one is the fact that it doesn’t need hemming. The scallops are finished with a facing, which is catchstitched in place. This gives such a neat finish.

Colette Meringue Skirt

The Top – Plantain, by Deer & Doe

Colette Meringue Skirt & Deer & Doe Plantain Top

This was my first time making this top – and it won’t be the last. (I do seem to be taking part in the “New to Me” challenge on every garment I make!) It was so straightforward, and I’m really happy with the fit.

If I’m honest, it is a bit baggy to be worn tucked into the skirt, but it’s not too baggy to be worn outside a skirt/trousers etc!

And the length is perfect for me – I am used to lengthening tops now but this is nice and long; just how I like it.

I definitely recommend this pattern – and it’s free!

Deer & Doe Plantain Top

The only change I made to the pattern was that I added a strip of lace down the back. This is not purely aesthetic; I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the back piece on the fold so cut two pieces and sewed them up the middle with a tiny seam allowance. My knit-eating sewing machine didn’t enjoy that at all and made quite a pig’s ear out of it. So the lace covers up the seam and you’d never know!! Plus it looks pretty and ties in with the blue of the skirt – result!

Plantain Top

I hope you like… there’s some more info on my blog, where you can find more blue and white projects too… Yes, I am drawn to blue and polka dots!

Beth @AfterDarkSewing x

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  1. That skirt is beautiful! I have the Colette book too but I’ve never made anything from it – I did eye up this skirt though so maybe it’s time to make it now I’ve seen how it can be done!

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    • Thank you. Oh you’ve got to make one, I think it’d suit you! And it’s certainly not beyond your sewing abilities! I bought the book because I saw one of the dresses on someone’s blog and loved it – can’t remember the name now but it’s the one with the floaty skirt bit (lol) so I’ll be making that too. The one I saw was nicer than the one in the book so I think it helps to see some made up outside the book doesn’t it!


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