Introducing…Honey & Strawberry Fields

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This all cotton fabric with strawberries makes me think I should be prancing around in a strawberry field with a basket in hand. The title with Honey in it…just sounded good with strawberry fields! **No honey was used or harmed in the production of this blouse, but drunken in cups of green tea.**

I got my New-to-Me pattern from my Indie Pattern Swap partner (thank you partner!); my Indie Partner sent me the Mimosa Blouse from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chicks (SBCC)…perfect for petites!  I did the XXS and it fit well; the blouse pattern is styled intentionally as poofy/boxy but I didn’t let that bother me.  Upon seeing the pattern after taking it out of its’ pink plastic bag (I want to know where SBCC buys pink ziplock bags from…), I knew I wanted to make the bow stiffer, using thicker interfacing, than what the blouse pattern intended, and to the side rather than right down the middle.  The length hits me at my hip but next time I plan on extending the length to enable tucking in or a belted style, and perhaps in a different type of fabric, altering the sides to a slimmer silhouette, and moving the raglan sleeve seam up a little higher. Also, some parts of the instructions confused me, such as the term “underarm”…I sat there a few minutes trying to figure out what that meant. On closer examination of the drawing, I realized it was the armpit portion! I laughed at myself there!!                                                                                 for blog1
It took about a full day to make and I’m
pleased with how adorable it turned out! I wore it with skinny jeans and flats in the photos, but I think it would look cute with shorts or a high waisted skirt with the shirt tucked in too!
Yay for strawberries, honey, and prancing in strawberry fields!!

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    • Thank you Helen! I agree, originally I was going to do a slinky fabric, but looked at my stash and went right to the strawberries!


    • Thank you!! It certainly does, I did not think of it that way! My friend had a lot of fun taking photos 😉


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