Lekala, you’re news to me!

Hello monthly stitchers!

Watching everyones creations here over the last weeks, has inspired me to take part in the IPM 2015. The New to Me category was just the ticket, as I had decided to put aside my vintage patterns and do some contemporary sewing. I was intrigued by the Lekala pattern system, and wanted to try out their customized patterns.



I went for Lekala #5877, a short sleeved cropped jacket. It is the perfect addition for wearing over summer dresses and tops when you need a little coverage. Besides, I have never before made a jacket of any sort, so starting small was the way to go.

I made mine in some rather heavyweigth blue linen from my stash, and lined it with a shimmery rayon lurex blend fabric. It gives the jacket that fun pop of color, and the sparkles makes me happy! The pattern only calls for one button, and I found a lonely filigree type button in my tin that was the perfect match for this project. It all came from my stash, so not having to shop for anything was a major win! I also think this pattern would look good in a wide variety of fabrics, and the design lines are great for color blocking,too.




The jacket went together wonderfully, even though the instructions are what I would call minimalistic. There are no illustrations, but all the info you need is in there. You just have to read it all through before you begin and use your noggin’, and it all pans out in the end.




Since the pattern is customized upon ordering, to your specific measurements, I didn’t have to make any alterations. I found this a nice change from my vintage patterns, which tend to need alot of fitting and grading. This was just pure sewing bliss! I can recommend Lekala patterns, they seem to have lots of interesting designs. I will definitely try more of their patterns in the future.

Happy sewing, and good luck to all contestants!

(Originally posted here, you’re welcome to view it for more photos and details.)

15 thoughts on “Lekala, you’re news to me!

  1. Nice little jacket. I hope it turns out to be a useful layering piece like you hope. I’ve actually been putting off buying from Lekela ’cause I always doubt that I measure myself correctly andget a little overwhelmed by all their choices. I should just dive in.


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