Nice to meet you, Jade :-)

I’m back with another entry!  I made the Jade skirt from Paprika Patterns. I can’t remember for the life of me, who’s skirt immediately made me go buy the pattern but I had never heard of Paprika Patterns before that day. The pattern is labeled intermediate and I can agree with that if you’ve never sewn with knits or done an exposed zipper. The pattern came with a Mini and Midi view/length. I picked the Midi view because I’m tall out here and I figured the Midi length on me would be what I really wanted.
I cut the size 4. I used the fabric I had leftover from this dress.  It was a Violet Blue Stripe Activewear from Fashion Fabrics Club but it’s sold out now. It has a 4-way stretch and was probably NOT the best fabric for this skirt lol. It was really really fiddly and stretched out very easily. I used tricot for the lining and both fabrics together aren’t the greatest combination. I really wanted to use this fabric though because it was already horizontally ribbed and I thought the diagonal folds would be really cool. And I think I was right!
I followed the instructions as they were written (for the first time in a long time lol smh) and I didn’t understand how they were supposed to work while I was reading them but as I was doing the construction, I started to understand what was supposed to be happening. The way that they have it, most of the seams on the inside are enclosed. I loved that the hems were enclosed early on because having to hem at the end always slows me down. The diagonal overlays weren’t difficult at all and I was able to practice easily on my new roll of swedish tracing paper.
The only thing that I did not do per the instructions was the exposed zipper installation. The pattern calls for a 5.5″ zip but I only had a 4″ and an 8″. I tried to remove some of the hardware from the 8″ but those things were really stuck to the zipper tape. I guess that’s the beauty of YKK? Anyway, I ended up just using the 4″ and not extending it up through the waistband. I usually do black for my exposed zippers but I decided on white this time because I want this skirt to force me to go brighter instead of a darker overall look.
I like the skirt and I think it can be dressed up or down. I think next time I wear it, it will be with a flowy high-low cropped top.. yea? Idk if I’ll make it again. I will have to be smarter with my fabric choice next time. It can be a great stash-busting pattern for sure.
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