New to Me Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

A proper last minute entry for the new to me contest, do I really have time? Well this is what happens when you rely on your boyfriend taking your pictures, with his gadgets, grrr! So if I still have time, I would like to present you with my new to me pattern, which is the Zsalya Dress/top  by Kate & Rose. I had it for a while and thought that it would make a nice addition to my summer wardrobe. I bought two metres of white, very classic broderie anglaise, which was later dyed yellow.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

I’d say plain isn’t my thing, so after changing the colour of the fabric, I went further and using French knots, added some embroidered colour to it and played with two different colours on the hem, which created a really nice effect. n

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose

I didn’t like the shiny effect of the broderie thread used for the flowers on the top of the dress, so I used my fabric paint to change it. Blue and purple are good colours to combine with yellow.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose

I didn’t touch the back except for the hem embroidery, which works really well for me.

Zsalya Dress Kate & Rose Patterns

Now for the pattern details, I cut a straight size S and didn’t make any alterations at all. I followed the quick & dirty approach of attaching the top to the rest of the dress as it seemed less complicated and quicker as the name implies. I omitted the sleeves completely, as in my mind this is Greece hot summer dress, so no sleeves needed. I would definitely recommend the pattern, which doesn’t take long to put together at all. The thing that took me the most was the gathers at the front and the back. Not my strong point at all, I can never get them right or even. I’d like to try it with a less stiffer fabric as well for a smarter style.  In general, I liked the pattern and the end result. Hopefully, I have got my times right and this post is still time eligible as an entry. And if you want to read more of the story behind this dress and see a few more silly pictures you can always visit me here.

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