Serving Hello Kitty Couture! ‘My New to Me’ entry.

Hello new sewing chums.

I’m Hazel and I blog over at The Fast and Loose School of Sewing.  I’ve been blogging about three months now and sewing for just over a year.

Forgive me if I don’t really get how this works but I’d like to show you my New to Me Indie Pattern entry.

Proudly presenting my Liberty Print, Hello Kitty Dimpsy T

For my Kitty Couture, I have used the Dimpsy T Pattern which was the latest release from Laura After Midnight an independent pattern maker based in Bristol, UK and also my bad ass sewing teacher

I must admit I was a little bit scared when I saw the cutting diagram for this pattern – I mean look at that dart.

Bad ass dart achievement unlocked #dimpsyt #sewcialist #dressmaking #sewing

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I just couldn’t work how how it would even come into existence also, I thought it had a big seam down the front which would make it a total pattern matching nightmare – Again – I was wrong.

The pattern is cut in a pretty nifty way, basically on your front part you cut a nifty little triangle out on the centre front and then sew up the darts in a big old diamond.  You should really mark the darts with a good old fashioned needle and thread but I used chalk to mark the darts because well, life’s too short.

So not marking it properly meant I had to unpick it and re-do it three times but yep, life’s too short….

Anyway, many curses later I realised I should have just followed the pattern instructions and moved on.

This is the first time I’ve made anything with a collar flying solo, I’ve heard that collars can be a total pest but this was ridiculously easy, I also think adding on a pink collar was definitely the way to go as it broke up my crazy patterned fabric.

Is now a good time to talk about this fabric  – I think so and I’m in charge here so yep, the fabric – LOOK AT IT!  I’ve been lusting after something from Liberty for a little while, and this ticks so many boxes, Liberty print – tick, Hello Kitty – tick, Reduced price – tick, that’s right,  this little beaut was a bit of a bargain I found at Fondant Fabrics for £11.80 per metre, still pretty pricey for someone used to Fabric Land’s prices but a total bargain for Liberty.  There’s loads of good stuff on that website, go take a peep.

Back to the pattern, 2 side seams and a back seam and I’m on the home run.  There’s a pretty nifty keyhole detail at the back of the top which fastens with a button.  I used a sort of matching Hello Kitty button I found at the Rag Market in Birmingham and some tape measure ribbon I had hanging about.

Best thing – I knocked this fella out in less than 2-hours, you could make a new one every day, if you can be bothered to get up 2-hours early.

I think this has turned out pretty well, it’s a lovely pattern and I wore the top today with a pair of black skinny jeans but I think it would go equally well with a pencil skirt if you wanted to dress it up or wear it to work or something, but I’m not Gok Wan, wear it with whatever you like

Go buy yourself a pattern Now the PDF is £6.50 at the moment  – you can even afford it the week before pay 🙂

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