A Rose by Any Other Name

IMG_1061What pattern did you use? For my New-To-Me dress I chose the Cambie Dress by Sewholic.  I liked this pattern because of the sizing that is made especially for the pear- shaped gal. Now that’s me! I’m always grading smaller at the top to larger at the bottom.1202line

  • What fabric did you use? I used Gertie by Gretchen Hirsch, 2014 for Fabric Traditions which I picked up at Joanns for less than $6.00 dollars a yard. I bought all they had, which was close to 6 yards. I still have some left for a blouse I’ll make someday using one of Gertie’s patterns. Gretchen used to be an independent designer but now her patterns are sold through Butterick. She has an awesome sewing blog Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing which I enjoy visiting.


  • Tell us about the pattern – This dress is fully lined, which makes a great finish for the sweetheart neckline and the sleeves. I chose a lightweight polyester fabric for the lining, but I chose only to line the bodice, since I have a full petticoat to wear under it.


  • Did you include any fun/interesting/new-to-you details? I thought my fabric selection was a fun choice. I didn’t make a muslin first, but tried it on at various stages. It went extremely well. The only thing I need to adjust at some point, are the straps that connect in front. They could be adjusted to fit more snuggly. There is a bit of gaping when I lean forward.


  • What do you think of your finished garment? I adore this pattern, it’s so cute! I got lots of compliments from my girls who were here today to celebrate Father’s Day.


  • What would you do differently next time you make it? It took me forever to cut out the pattern, because the front and back pattern pieces didn’t make sense. The piece labeled Front and cut on the fold is smaller in width than the Back, which says to cut two. I really think there is probably an error here. Luckily, I didn’t blindly just cut it out, trusting that of course a “tried and true” pattern couldn’t be wrong. My skirt would have been almost twice as full in the back and I don’t need any extra there, if you know what I mean. 😉 I chose to draft two rectangles about 55″ wide and cut one in two for the back seam. So next time, it will be so much easier. Has anyone else here made The Cambie version B and noticed this besides me?



And then there was that Marilyn Monroe moment!

Happy Sewing and Good Luck in the contest!

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16 thoughts on “A Rose by Any Other Name

  1. This is gorgeous – I love the fabric! I’ve made View B, and the reason that the back skirt pieces are so wide is that the side seams don’t sit quite at the side, but rather slightly to the front, so that the pockets are in a better location. There are notches on the waistband that you line them up with! If they’re lined up properly, the front and back are gathered the same amount. Hope it makes a little more sense now!


    • Thank you for that important information. That makes a lot of sense. I just assumed that the side seams would be on the sides. I must have missed the informational notches. Goes to show you that it’s never too late to learn new things! Thank you for your kind compliments. 🙂


  2. Wow this dress is absolutely gorgeous! The fit is perfect and I love how you have used the flowery parts around the waist and shoulder straps it is the perfect punch of color to bring some of those lovely roses to the top and middle of the dress. Bravo!!!


  3. I have just finished my first Cambie, and I thought the widths of the skirt pieces were a bit odd as well. I followed the pattern pieces though, I assumed it is like that so there’s less bulk at the front but lots of fullness at the back.
    I love your pattern placement! Here in Australia they only offer Gertie’s fabric line in polyester, which is a shame because it doesn’t feel like anything I’d want to wear. Her blog was one of the main reasons I got back into garment sewing seriously (then I found The Monthly Stitch!) but she seems to have disappeared lately…


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