Bronze biker jacket

This jacket is made with Pauline Alice’s Quart Coat pattern. It’s just a bit shorter and I’ve used some great zippers that Pitt Trading has at the moment.

I’ve made the coat before. Pauline has a biker jacket tutorial so you can reuse this pattern for a biker jacket. Ii love the zippers used in the sleeve placket.

There’s not much to say about the back of the jacket or skirt. They’re plain but they fit well and with this houndstooth brocade, there wasn’t much I wanted to add to the back.

The skirt also has an exposed zipper on the front seam. I’ve used McCalls 9356 because this has been in my stash forever.

So now I’ve used the Quart coat pattern three times. I love the fit of this coat pattern and the sleeves always so in so nicely.

I’ve not entered this jacket for a particular challenge. I used this pattern to challenge my own skills to adjust it for another use. You can read about it on my blog.

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