Working 9-3 and A Double Take for Me

Hello, hello super sewists,

I thought my entries for IPM were done with the Belladone I made for the dresses contest but then a friend suggested we have a sewing day today. Well, how’s a girl to say no? Having been inspired by gabsong’s awesome 50p Ruby Duvet Dress in dresses week, and remembering I had that pattern too, I decided to push the boat out have a go at making 2 entries for OP2T week.

sewing day carnage

Happily, I have posted on TMS last month with my kiddy apron so I could enter this one too. I did do a couple of posts lat year too but didn’t enter IPM in 2014.  As I didn’t have fabric I wanted to use for another Belladone I needed to make 2 of the Ruby dresses in one day. Could I do it? I had between 9am and 2.55 (ish) when I left to collect children from school.

As I haven’t made this pattern before I looked at a couple of reviews and decided to only cut out one in case it wasn’t a great pattern for me. (I’m one of those naughty sewists who doesn’t make a muslin first). I had pinned up the second one in case I loved it so that I was ready to cut, if all worked in my favour.

The first problem I ran into was the fact that my fabric wasn’t wide enough but I didn’t let that stop me – so it has a little patchwork going on around the hemline…. what’s a girl to do? I just love this Where the Wild Things Are fabric and I thought it was perfect for the Ruby Dress. It’s a quilting cotton I picked up on sale a while ago.

For this pattern I cut a size 13 (an eyeball between 12-14, as my measurements sit just between these 2). I lengthened the skirt and cut the bodice at the size 18 length because I had read it was short. I also included an exposed zip as well just for fun. I was really pleased with the final fit of the dress – it was cold and blowing a bit when we tried to take the photos.

Because I was so pleased with this one I set about to cut the other one out immediately. This time I added a side pocket, because, pockets! and enclosed the zip. I didn’t have an invisible zip to use, and given the spontaneous nature of these two sews it was stash all the way.

The material for this one comes from IKEA. It is a very heavy cotton designed for curtains and the like (and dresses clearly!) I had it for a while then decided I would make it into a coat, but by the time I went back to get more it was all sold out. This fabric is much stiffer so I cut the 14 but ended up grading in to a 2cm seam at the waist as the other had plenty of room in it.

I also cut the deepest (size 18) neckline at the front for both dresses and I’m pleased I did as it sits quite high, which is part of the design but not a neckline I am used to. I love the way the neckline looks though and the deep V back is great too.

I adore the way this one sticks out so much because of the weight of the fabric. I wore it to school to collect my children and got several compliments. Don’t you love it when you can say, ‘thanks I made it‘??!

The pattern is the Simple Sew Ruby Dress. As others have said the instructions are concise/sparse and there are some bits missing – like attaching the interfacing – which I didn’t bother to cut. (I would normally cut interfacing but I forgot for the first one and I had already attached the yoke by the time I thought of it. For version 2 I felt it wasn’t worth it because the fabric is super stiff anyway.)

I found it went together really well and the tissue is heavier than mainstream pattern companies. It is a simple pattern and I like the order of the pattern, it keeps it very easy – really attaching the zip is the only part that might be tricky for a beginner, especially as it’s supposed to be an invisible zip.

I will definitely make this dress again, it’s a silhouette I really, really like and I wear dresses 90% of my life so both of these will get heaps of wear. Of course next time I will make sure my fabric is 150cm wide before I start or I guess buying at least another 2m would help too but that does make it a bit of fabric vampire!

Lots of thanks again to our lovely organisers who have done such a great job. It’s so good to be part of such a supportive sewing community and I already have thoughts about ‘check it out’ for next month….. I have SO, SEW enjoyed looking at all the great things people have made.

Is there a pinterest page for TMS? I’d love to follow that board and have my feed filled with so much talent and inspiration.

Neither of these dresses will be on my personal blog for a couple of weeks but if you want to see other random stuff I make/do I am at Now I am off to the exciting task go mending a rip in my hubbys jeans – mending, not my favourite.

love you more than 3 new dresses in the wardrobe in one month xxx

32 thoughts on “Working 9-3 and A Double Take for Me

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  2. I love that IKEA fabric, I bought about 8 yards when I first found it. I made curtains and a clutch but I still have some left and …maybe…just maybe for some clothing…hmmmmm Great job on the dresses!


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  4. Wow, you’ve got a fun sense of fabric choice in both color and unique designs! I just love both of them so much. The pattern really works well with the large designs on the fabric and your shoes are to die for!
    You model them with such joy that it’s contagious. Well done!


  5. LOVE both of these- such amazing fabrics and so happy to inspire the choice of the wonderful Ruby dress- it suits you so well! 🙂


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