A Bleuet of Mushrooms

Just in time for One Pattern Two Takes week, I’ve made the Bleuet dress by Deer & Doe.

Deer & Doe Bleuet dress pattern

Deer & Doe Bleuet dress pattern


And not only that – it’s covered in mushrooms! Oh yeah!!

Mushrooms Bleuet | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

(Not that I’m entering it in the contest because a) the first one was made way earlier than Indie Pattern Month, and b) I’m one of the judges, so that wouldn’t really be fair, now would it?! 😉

This is the second time I’ve made this pattern – the first was in a stretch denim, and I wear it All The Time. Love that dress, yes indeed. So it was high time to make another one.

The fabric I used this time around is a quilting cotton, olive green with a print of mushrooms all over it. My mother bought it back as a gift when she went to the States a year or so ago. (Thanks, mum!)

Mushrooms Bleuet | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Because the print is so busy, I made some bias binding in a contrast soft grey and used it to make piping to highlight the princess seams on both front and back. I used the same grey cotton poplin to make the bow at the back, the sleeve cuffs, and the inside of the collar stand.

Speaking of the collar – check out the amazing-yet-completely-unintentional pattern matching going on with a couple of those mushrooms there! Quite a happy accident, really. 😉

Mushrooms Bleuet | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Naturally, I made a few adjustments to the pattern – I added a good amount of length to the skirt (I forget how much, maybe around 10-15cm?) because I am tall. I widened the sleeve cuffs by 1cm and didn’t bother interfacing them. I did a small bust adjustment, shaving 4cm in total off from the bust. I only interfaced one side of the collar and collar stand. And I changed up the placement of the buttons because a) I used bigger buttons than specified and they didn’t suit the original placement guide, and b) I changed the length of the skirt, which changed the look of the button placement.

The pattern itself comes together quite well. I especially like making the bow – it’s the first thing you do, and it’s such a cute part to start with! Makes me smile. 🙂

Mushrooms Bleuet | Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Yay! I got two posts in for Indie Pattern Month! Now, let’s see if I can manage a third. I have a pair of Carolyn pajama pants from Closet Case Patterns on my sewing table right now….

(Want to see some more details, including some scenic shots of where we took the photos? You can check them out on my blog.)

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