Is there an Echo in here?

or “How I love the Sewaholic Hollyburn ~ Hollyburn !”

Well, I guess by now you have heard enough from me on the subject of Hollyburns, hmmm?  I have made two Hollyburns so far.  My mind at rest has created a dozen or so more!  I think this pattern is not just a skirt.  Sure the pattern comes with 3 hem lengths, and a few variations on the waistband, but then there are all the Hollyburns you can create on your own!

My first Hollyburn was a red polyester knit, previously blogged about here.

My second Hollyburn was a black, probably polyester, crepe blogged about here.

I am happy with the fit of this skirt.  So happy that I tried a few cautious changes, without fear that I would ruin it.    

When making my first Hollyburn, I added an inverted pleat in the CF by adding 2 inches to each side of the CF seam when cutting my fabric out and then folding it an inch back on itself, basting it down before attaching the waistband.

wrong side

lovely right side!

With my second Hollyburn, I dug deep into my fabric stash and found 3 yards of black polyester, but unfortunately there was a long strip cut from the whole length of the fabric.  I could see the wide A line skirt panels wouldn’t fit, so instead, I cut those pattern pieces in half along the grainline and put the two centre pieces on the fold and cut two each of the other halves – giving me six narrower panels instead.  I also didn’t have enough fabric left to put in those lovely pockets – I mean, Man! A skirt with POCKETS!  But not so for my black Hollyburn.  Instead I fashioned together some “faux” pockets.  Like so…

one “faux” pocket

and the other “faux” pocket

(this side seam had the zipper sewn into it too)

I am now imagining my third Hollyburn, perhaps made out of a cotton/spandex blue jean fabric with lots of contrasting topstitching and perhaps some embroidery on the pockets … or what about a flowing summery print in a mid calf length?

Have you got some ideas for your Hollyburn?

Happy Sewing!

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