A couple more Coppelias – IPM 2015 one pattern two takes

I mentioned in my IPM2015 separates post that I had made a second coppelia and now that it is one pattern two takes week, this seems like the perfect time to reveal it!

Iteration one below:

I had been thinking about getting this pattern for some time and it was the pdf release with alternate long-line faux wrap version that finally had me clicking that ‘I WANT IT!‘ button at the papercut pattern online shop.  So of course as soon as I had made the original wrap with ties I followed it up with that faux wrap.


thanks snowflake bush, for being my IPM 2015 backdrop!

For this one I chose a lightweight cotton/lycra/elastane blend.  I used my walking foot to baste the seams before overlocking over the top of the basting.  It’s even simpler to put together than the original version as the bottom band goes on so neatly.


I was thinking of this one as more of a top than a cardigan or pullover, so perhaps I should have sized down.  The photo of the back shows it’s quite roomy and unlike the version with the ties, you can’t just pull it as tight as you want.  I did pull the overlapping fronts a bit further into the seams during construction but you can only do this so much until you risk the seams pulling and twisting.  Elizabeth shows this in her post if you are interested.  Some puckering evident in the side view:


Following pic is me wondering if it has started raining again, and shows the cosy long sleeve bands:

This became one pattern three takes when I found an interesting  textured viscose knit while perusing the darn cheap fabrics website.  I thought it might make a fancy wrap to go with dresses. I tried to snap a pic on my way out last weekend but didn’t get the exposure right.  That colour is off and you can’t see any detail.


The fabric is an unusual pick for me – has four way stretch and almost a smocked appearance.  It is always a bit of a gamble buying knits online but the colour definitely did not disappoint.  I was wondering how it would be to work with and I found this nice enough to cut and sew.  I’ve put a close up in so you can see the texture, almost looks like scales?


I constructed this one again basting seams together on my machine and then using the overlocker on top of that.  I rigged up my overlocker with spools and bobbins of rasant thread so that I could get a good colour match. I love this thread with it’s strong poly core and lovely cotton covering. This time I used Collins washaway wonder tape to stick down the last seam of the waistband/ties before topstiching it down.  I also halved the length of the sleeve bands.


I tried it on with my lady skater today to grab a couple more pics

coppelia collage

I can’t believe how many projects have been shown off during IPM 2015 – we have been sewing up a storm!


Project summary

pattern:  Papercut patterns coppelia 

fabric:  remnant warehouse ministripe fashion lycra (cotton/lycra/elastane blend) & darn cheap fabrics colombia knit (viscose/poly/spandex blend)

notions: rasant thread, washaway wonder tape

This post is a direct copy from my blog ;o)

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  1. Lovely! Love the faux version, I think it’s the first version I’ve seen. I do love the look of this pattern but wonder if I’d be faffing with the ties all the time…..


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