A Four-leaf Clover in Rayon

When I saw Kat’s Hummingbirds Clover dress my “err, I like this pattern but not sure if it’s for me” changed to “Ok, I HAVE to make this…like right now!”

So I pushed the pattern up my list and had a dig through my stash. Kat used a Rayon (you need a fabric with good drape) and I had a few options but nothing that was whispering “Clover” to me.

When I popped into Spotlight to buy contrast for the 0 Degrees Bleuet I saw that all the Rayon was discounted.

Good luck right?

Absolutely! So I grabbed this black and white dot print for 30% off.

My lace is from a bag of scraps I bought a while ago from Alison Blane’s studio sale.

I copied Kat and used “Hug Snug” seam binding for my lace seams. It’s kind of like lightweight ribbon that you bind the raw seam edge with. It adds almost no extra bulk, feels silky smooth and adds a pretty pop of colour inside. You can also curve it with steam, just like bias.

This dress sewes up no problems at all with typically excellent Papercut instructions and well drafted pieces that line up perfectly.

After my dress was mostly finished I tried it on and was a bit disappointed by how it looked. I didn’t own any belts that suited it so I made myself hang it back up and reserved judgement until I went shopping.

I’m happy to say that I felt much better wearing it with a belt but even more so after I chopped the bottom off.

If it’s too long this dress can easily turn frumpy so I chopped off most of the extra 20cms in length I added in two steps, firstly aiming for knee length by cutting just below the knee.

When you remove a lot of extra fabric weight in a bias skirt the hem will often bounce up higher than expected. Once it was settled I cut a second smaller section off to my final length.

I still wasn’t sure about the dress after the first couple of wears and I came pretty close to taking it right in and sticking an invisible zipper in the side but now after several wears I do really love it. It’s very comfy but also flattering and a fun dress to wear during winter with some coloured tights to cheer you up 😉

You can see a few more details and photos over on my blog thecuriouskiwi.

8 thoughts on “A Four-leaf Clover in Rayon

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  2. Love the dress, I think I’m slowly falling for the Clover pattern too! And how awesome are those ombre tights!!!!!


  3. How lucky were you with rayon sale! I agree,the fabric combination and the colourful tights make the dress look great! Love have you have also used bound seams, I always like it when I see it in Kat’s garments.


  4. Wow looks great! I wasn’t initially drawn to the pattern but I love your fabric combo, with belt and blue tights!


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