Introducing the Chameleon collection, by Papercut Patterns

Papercut Patterns has been a sponsor of Indie Pattern Month right from the start – this is the third year they’ve been involved! It’s no secret that Mel and I are rather large fans of Papercut designs – we may have made quite a few of them and have more planned. 😉 I caught up with Katie to find out more about the newest Papercut collection – Chameleon.



Hi Katie! Welcome back to Indie Pattern Month! We’re super happy to have you involved again. First up, for those who may not know about Papercut yet, tell us all a bit about your designs. How would you describe your style/aesthetic?

The Papercut aesthetic is feminine, simple and wearable. I’ve always been interested in current fashion trends so I try to incorporate what’s popular at the time with classic styles that you can wear season after season.

Most designers only put out one pattern at a time. We love that you put out entire collections at once! Why did you choose to release your patterns as collections?

We like to create a story with our collections and to design pieces that you can wear together to create a whole look. We feel you can evoke more of a feeling with producing an entire collection rather than one pattern at a time. We want to inspire sewers to create a whole wardrobe with each collection we create.

You’ve recently launched a new collection. We’d love to hear a bit more about it! What was the inspiration for your collection?

Our latest collection was inspired by the Chameleon and it’s ability to change its skin colour to suit it’s surroundings. We wanted to create a collection that followed that theme, which is diverse and wearable that you can make up to suit all seasons of the year depending on the fabrics you use. Simple feminine lines, beautifully structured and a chic effortlessness that sewers of all skill-levels can feel confident in creating, year after year.

You make such gorgeous look books for your collections. Can you tell us the story behind your latest look book?

Because of the Chameleon theme we wanted the model to subtly blend into her surroundings. We chose an incredible garden which had lots of little areas that blended well with the fabrics we chose, it worked perfectly! Previous shoots have always turned out a little stressful but by choosing a fantastic makeup artist and photographer and by finding the perfect setting the whole thing was so much fun and such a breeze to shoot.

How did you choose the colours for the product photos and look book?

In general we like to choose fabrics in neutral colours to help sewers see the designs as a blank canvas and as something they can make original and put their own spin on. We don’t want people to only see the designs in the way we’ve styled them.

What’s your favourite piece from your new collection?

That’s a hard one because I’ve designed pieces that I like and would wear myself, however I have already made up a few flutters and wavers myself so I guess they would be my favourites. I love the flattering drop shoulder of the flutter and the waver just goes with everything!

What’s your favourite part of releasing a new collection of patterns?

My favourite part of releasing a new collection is seeing everyones makes start to pop up on social media, it’s exciting to see what people have been inspired to create which in turn is very inspiring for me!

Thank you so much Katie! Especially thank you for giving us a peek behind the scenes of the photo shoot – so exciting to see!

I have the Sway dress and the Yoyo dress in my things-to-sew queue at the moment. How about you, Monthly Stitch crew – are you planning on making anything from the new Papercut collection?

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