One Hawthorn, Two Takes

I’ve already showed you one of my Hawthorns, the cropped blouse I sewed for the Separates contest (BTW, even though I didn’t win I’m very proud for making it into the finals, all outfits were so good). Truth be told, that blouse was actually the second Hawthorn I sewed for the competition, the first one was the dress.

I’ve had the Hawthorn in my stash for quite some time, including the fabric to use, which I bought with the intention of becoming a Hawthorn. Isn’t that amazing, that the fabric actually becomes what it’s intended to be!? The fabric is a light blue rips top, a cotton/poly blend with small grey squares on it. I really like this subtle print as it keeps the dress form being plain and boring, but still isn’t in your face, making it appropriate for work. Before starting on the dress I made two muslins, showing me I needed to make a 2 cm FBA, add a bust dart and split the waist dart in two. It was only after I had spent such a considerable amount of time on the muslin I decided to make the cropped blouse as well, once I had the fit down I wanted to make the most of it. The bodice could be a smidgen shorter, but it’s not something I will beat myself up for.

It was my first use of a Colette pattern in booklet form, having previously used the book. I found the instructions quite clear and there are extra tips and guides on the sew along site. It was my first sleeve placket and cuff, the fold lines on the pattern piece made it quite easy to sew, however I found the instructions to put the cuff on a bit confusing, nothing a bit of ripping couldn’t solve for me.

My very first placket and cuff (perhaps I am missing a line of stitching?)

The first time I wore this dress was on Ascension Day (having sewed the buttons and button holes in the morning before leaving). Every Ascension Day the horse race track host a family day with fun for all; for the children there are carousels and pony rides, there’s musical entertainment, you can visit a fire truck, and for adults there’s horse betting. Really, fun for all! Also they usually serve tacos for lunch which is well received by both adults and children. I put a 10 SEK bet on the horse Mr. Gorgonzola, with that name I couldn’t resist. And Mr. Gorgonzola didn’t disappoint, he won the race and gave me 347 SEK back. Happy Helena!

My horse just won the race!

What drew me to the Hawthorn dress was the different take on a shirt dress. I know that the collar is debated, but I like it! I also love the fullness and swooshiness (I’m going to pretend that it’s a real word) of the half circle skirt, which is unusual in shirt dresses. This dress is a perfect transition piece for Spring and Autumn and I bet it’ll get a lot of wear. It’s just so much fun to wear!


I definitely recommend this pattern, if the style appeals to you. It’s fun and quite easy to put together, even more so if you choose a version without the placket which can be a fun challenge to take on to learn something new.

Me and my two Hawthorns

More information (and other non-TMS-projects) can be found on my blog.

8 thoughts on “One Hawthorn, Two Takes

  1. It looks so good, really well done, so many buttons and details, great job with the plackets and cuff. I’ve always loved the style of the Hawthorne but I find it a bit intimidating because of all these buttons but it seems perfect and swooshie on you (see it’s a word now haha), love the subtle check of the fabric and very happy to hear that a horse with the amazing name of Gorgonzola, didn’t disappoint. The horse race sounds like a great idea.


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