Yaletown…. Again

The  Details:

  • Indie Pattern(s) used: Sewaholic Yaletown
  • Fabric & Notions: Navy Flamingo print Viscose from Cheshire Fabrics, for the blouse. Bright Floral print fabric for the dress from my local fabric store.
  • Did you make any pattern alterations or design changes? I cut a size 10 in the bodice, graded out to a 16 at the waist and hips, and did an FBA of 1″, I also chose to omit the sleeves from the design so I cut 0.5″ from the armscye all the way around.

My first post for Indie Pattern Month was the Yaletown dress, which I absolutely love and have worn loads already so for the One Pattern Two Takes challenge it seemed like the obvious choice to return to.



If you missed it, you can read about the dress here.

I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the weekly challenges so far, and although I didn’t post for the New To Me category last week, I did actually manage to make something for each week’s challenge. I just didn’t really feel like last week’s entry was very inspiring so I didn’t bother posting it.

Although none of my entries have made it into the voting round I’m still really glad I took part, as it has changed the way I think about patterns. Before the challenges I hadn’t used Indie patterns much at all and now I think I will use them a lot more as I find them to be a much better fit than the ‘Big 4′ patterns generally are.

That’s enough waffle for now I think, let’s take a look at Yaletown Take Two.


I decided to make the blouse version this time and I think the fabric works really well for this. I would probably still like it as a dress but maybe the print would seem a bit too much.

I considered making the sleeves to make the blouse even more different from the dress, which I thought might appeal more to the judges, but in the end it came down to wearability. Sure, I want to show my sewing skills, but I don’t want to end up with a garment I never wear because the sleeves annoy me.

Having already sewed this once seemed to really speed up the process. The pattern pieces were already cut, I didn’t have to fiddle around making adjustments as I’d already done them previously, so the only thing I had to do was cut the pattern piece for the peplum. After that it was straight onto cutting fabric.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing the construction of the garment as I’ve already reviewed the pattern and talked about the sewing of it in the post on the dress which I linked above.



This blouse is going to get a lot of wear, possibly even more than the dress, because the light fabric will be great for summer, but it will also go well with a cardigan and some jeans in the autumn/winter.


I’m going to definitely be making up this pattern again in several versions and I’d like to experiment with ways to mash it up. My current favourite idea is to try to alter the pattern into a strappy wrap dress. I could also see myself making a maxi length version.


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