Chevron It!

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I barely made the mark with this week’s challenge! Did last month’s challenge of children’s clothing. Whew.  For this week’s challenged, I started out wanting to make a blazer using a brown plaid until I got distracted by the white rabbit (as in Alice in Wonderland in case you don’t know the story) while I was watering the flowers — July’s challenge–which includes plaid…so the blazer will wait for next month’s challenge.  Instead, I created a dress using the “One Pattern”, the Mimosa blouse, I made with the strawberry fields print.
yes6IMG_0627upclose PosseIMG_0971distracted
I was having trouble with the white rabbit, or final product, in this case! The fabric is a cotton knit which made it difficult to cut fabric with it folded in half because the fabric stuck to itself. It did not occur to me until I was nearly finished to cut the fabric pieces on one layer (duh…) to get clean, matching seams, but then the seams didn’t turn out too shabby for sticking-to-each-other fabric. I took the bow part of the Mimosa blouse and made it flat.
PosseIMG_0985cookies PosseIMG_0957troubleordistracted
I adjusted the Mimosa pattern several times, forgetting I needed to make the pattern even smaller than my measurements to account for the stretch factor. This was the first time I changed a non-stretch pattern into a stretch pattern. I graded the Mimosa pattern down, shortened the sleeves (intended to go sleeveless but not familiar with pattern grading so what I ended up was with shortened sleeves…), and narrower sides, but it wasn’t enough. I took the only t-shirt I have that happens to be fitted and placed it on the paper pattern to make it smaller—that worked! I also drafted the skirt portion to add to the top. The skirt was also way too big and I re-adjusted the paper pattern to keep the A line style I wanted on the skirt but smaller at the waist. It seems that when I tried the one cookie, another cookie was needed to fix the other cookie in my pursuit of the white rabbit! The cookies wouldn’t let my belt stay on, and it made me super tall!!  Darn rabbit, and cookies…

PosselookingIMG_0991 PossecookiegiantIMG_0987

I finally woke up from the dream and realized the dress turned out cute anyways! 😉
PosseIMG_1006wokeup PosseIMG_0997wokeup

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    • Thank you Helen! I did not realize it highlighted the collar; you are correct! The solid color of the sailor-ish bow thing (??) really helps the collar pop out. 🙂


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