Ginger Journey – The Ending (and beginning.)

I had to come back for ‘One pattern, two takes’ with another pair of Ginger Jeans. I couldn’t just leave it with last episodes cliffhanger…..Is the front crotch pouch here to stay? Are the butt wrinkles out to sabotage everything?  Will the back pockets ever get closer together? Is it true love?………….

Yes! I love them! These are the jeans that I will reach for and give a smooch to first thing in the morning.  I’m really happy with how the fit of these have turned out.


Again, I used the sew-a-long.  You’d think by my pretty much 9th pair I’d do without but hey, I’m an instruction kinda girl.  ‘You had me at how-to…’  I’m going to say again how easy the fly was.  It felt like I’d just sewn a few simple steps and then next thing I know I’m reading ‘AND YOU’RE DONE!!’  ‘Say what?!  Oh, so I have.’

Changes: So in my last post I listed out the changes I’d like to make in my next pair.  This is what I did:

  • The front crotch fold – I raised the crotch point where the fly ends by 15mm.  Before it was too low and I think it was trying to fold under, well, where I fold under, and as it was too bulky it just sat sticking out instead.
  • The butt wrinkles – I actually scooped out more of the crotch curve, removing almost all of what I had previously added.  This was the result of doing the ‘tinfoil trick’ as Piper helpfully drew my attention to.  I was a bit unsure of exactly how to line the tinfoil up with my pattern pieces but anyway I could see that my tinfoil was a bit more ‘scoopy’ than my pattern.
  • The horizontal folds – well, they are still sort of there but hey, I’ve got to be able to bend and sit somehow
  • Waist height – I very tentatively added 20mm in height and I’m glad it didn’t affect the front by adding any bagginess.
  • Leg length – I simply added 4cm onto the very bottom of the legs since on my last pair I didn’t have enough length to do a double folded hem.
  • Pockets – I moved them inwards by 5mm.  I also reduced the length of the pocket pieces by 10mm.

Fabric/Notions: Stretch denim with 2% spandex.  I also think that the better fit came from using a slightly stretchier denim; It’s amazing what this slight difference in fabric made. I topstitched with silver thread but could only find bronze rivets.  Oh, well, I actually don’t mind that combination.

Changes to the instructions:  I sewed the bottom of my belt loops in with the waistband seam rather than just tucking the end under and sewing it on top.


Et Voila! Some rad skinny jeans. I know that a remake isn’t all that exciting and I was going to make some style changes but concluded that I’d rather perfect the fit first.  Now, I have a big list of different jeans I want to make so this is definitely the beginning of my jeans making journey.  Top of the list are:

  • High waisted flares with really deep hems
  • Some made from a detailed, patterned denim
  • Cropped pair with vertical stripes….
  • Invert the yoke as per fruits, flowers and clouds

Styling: With the title of this competition being ‘two takes’ I thought I’d finish up with two takes of styling my newly made jeans.  My sister and I had a lot of fun playing stylist, model and photographer.  The first pair have bagged out a bit (expected) but I actually don’t mind that they have since they feel a bit more ‘boyfriend jean’ in style now.  So the butt wrinkles seem a little more on purpose….thats what I say anyway.


‘Skinny’ Ginger Jeans worn with Muse Jenna Cardi


‘Skinny’ Ginger Jeans with Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse


‘Boyfriend’ Ginger Jeans with self drafted polka dot top (blazer borrowed from sis)


‘Boyfriend’ Ginger Jeans with Papercut Patterns Undercover Hoodie cropped.

Happy Ending!  

(And yes, I do have a spider eye face-paint going on.  Random and unrelated to jeans)

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  1. Good job! I am still way too terrified to even contemplate making jeans, or pants/trousers of any kind! I would totally have gotten frustrated and given up, so well done for persevering! The end results were worth it.


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