La double Bruyère


Last year I made this chemise Bruyère for my eldest daughter. On the internet there are many makes of this pattern from Deer&Doe. I’ve made the biggest size for her and had to make a FBA. It’s made from chambray. She wanted 3/4 sleeves and the collar is moved to the center front. The original blouse is made with snaps but she wanted buttons. We bought some lovely copper buttons. There isn’t a button on the waistband: sometimes she likes to wear it with a small belt round her waist. On the inside of the waistband I’ve sewn a plastic snap. The one I made for my daughter was more or less straight forward. Besides making an FBA, 3/4 sleeves and moving the collar to the center front there were no more fitting and design changes.


For my version there were more changes.

The fitting changes :

  • SBA
  • downsizing gradually from at top 40 to waist 36,
  • making body longer
  • making shoulders broader

Design changes:

  • making another sleeve placket
  • moving the collar to the center front

My version has also buttons instead of snaps.

This entry is all about one pattern two takes. Although I’ve already showed my version in the separates entry I decided to write this post when I woke up this morning because I wanted to show how different this pattern looks when two people of the same family wear it and how the choose of fabric can make a change. The version of my daughter is a kind of cool because of chambray. The fabric of my version is very sheer and flowery which makes it more feminine. Both fabric are cotton. My daughter is smaller and I’m taller, she’s curved and I’m slim. Sadly my daughter wasn’t near otherwise it would have been nice to take a picture from the both of us wearing both the Bruyère.

The instructions were very well written. There is also this tutorial.


Although I’ve made many clothes over the years I can’t remember seeing something like la chemise Bruyère. When we purchased this pattern last year I already had decided to make a version for myself. I really like this pattern. My daughter is thinking about another version and turn it into a dress. If you decided to make a version of yourself: you will not be disappointed.

One last thing. For the good order I’m not participating in this entry contest. I only wanted to show a double make of this pattern.

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