Two Slices of Espresso Cake!

So the last week of Indie Pattern Month is upon us, It has been such a fun month and these challenges have brought me out of my sewing/blogging slump!

This was the only on of the challenges that I planned in advance and actually made these at the end of May!
This week is One Pattern, Two Takes.

And without further ado! I give to you my Two pairs of Espresso Leggings by Cake Patterns!

This is actually the 5th and 6th pair of leggings I have made from this pattern! I LOVE IT!
This pattern is great I love that you can just plot your points and get a pattern that fits you perfectly (sometimes with minor adjustments needed due to fabric types)
IMG_6009This first pair is made from a printed polyester knit that I got from spotlight about 3 months ago.

IMG_6008Due to the slight lack of stretch lengthways they have turned into 3/4 length leggings but that is all good!
This pattern is super easy to sew up with just 3 seams, inner legs and crotch, plus elastic on the waist and hems on the cuffs. These two pairs only took me about an hour to cut and sew!!!
IMG_6010 IMG_6011
And onto the second pair, these made with a black nylon Lycra from Levana, I got this at their huge sale in Wellington at the end of last year!

I love that these are plain at first glance, but the fabric actually has a pretty cool, textured pattern when you look closer!

IMG_6021The Details:

Pattern: Espresso Leggings by Cake Patterns

Fabric: Pair one, Polyester Knit from Spotlight $12-$15 pm (I can’t actually remember)
Pair two: Nylon Lycra Knit from Levana, $1 a metre at their awesome sale!!! This pattern uses 1m so it is a really economical make!

Both these pairs have been worn heaps over this month, and I have more from this pattern planned.
As well I love leggings and they are a staple garment in my wardrobe and well when something is working for you why stop?

Hope you have enjoyed my makes for indie pattern month, it has been a blast!

It seems today is must pull a funny face day! Sorry about the appalling photos!!!
Laura from Laulipopnz

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  1. They’ve fab! I’ve too got quite a few pairs (I’ve lost count!) of espressos – so quick and easy. Before I bought the pattern I’d only ever had one boring plain black pair! 😀


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