Double Duty!

IMG_1157I didn’t want to miss the last week of Indie Pattern Month on the TMS, but I know I’m cutting it close. So here are a few quick pics of what I have been working on during the last week for the Monthly Stitch and for The Super Online Sewing Match II. I’m 1 of 10 contestants chosen from almost 100 auditions! I was thrilled to find out that I had been chosen, but I only had 7 days, to put together the selected PDF pattern, select and order my fabric, and then make an outfit for Round 1 of the Match. Then I had to photograph it and write up a post. It’s all very exciting, and guess what? There is another TMS contributor in the Match, Shannon, who blogs at Adventures of a Young Seamstress is also 1 of the 10!


We all had to use the Sutton Blouse Pattern by True Bias, and were given a $30.00 gift certificate to Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz. Talk about an awesome fabric selection! I’ll definitely go shopping there again. While I waited for my fabric to arrive, I cut and sewed a muslin, following the directions exactly. As a rule, I tend to always follow the directions exactly, at least the first time around. Then, I can make any modifications, use my own shortcuts, or preferred methods of construction.


You’ll be able to see all the entries on Wednesday June 30! I hope you’ll all stop by and see if Shannon and I make it to the next round. Here’s a calendar of the match:

The Super Online Sewing Match: CALENDAR

  • June 21: Application Deadline
  • June 23: Meet the Challengers
  • June 24: Round 1
  • June 30: Round 1 Deadline
  • July 3: Round 2
  • July 12: Round 2 Deadline
  • July 15: Round 3
  • July 23: Round 3 Deadline
  • July 27: Round 4
  • August 6: Round 4 Deadline
  • August 10: Round 5
  • August 19: Round 5 Deadline
  • August 21: Grand Prize Winner
  • August 28: Community Sew-Along Deadline

August 31: Community Sew-Along Winners (you can join in the fun and win prizes too!)


My daughter models the Boho shift made from the Sutton Blouse pattern

Indie Pattern Month has been a blast! I was thrilled to win a prize during “New to Me” week and share with you a little about Lekala Sewing Pattern Company. But most of all I want to share how much I appreciate the gals who run The Monthly Stitch, and enjoy the comradery of all of its members.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Congratulations on the competition! Pretty short deadline though! I love the dress you made, is it for your daughter? I’d be tempted to keep that for yourself!


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