Colette Clover Pants – First Draft

I didn’t realise how baggy they were until I saw the photo

It’s the last day of Indie Pattern Month 2015, thank you so much to the editors for organising and for the members showing so much inspiration and ideas, and I decided to end it on an indie note. Today’s outfit: My Starry Alma blouse (Sewaholic) and my brand new Clover Pants (Colette). Neither piece is perfect, I sewed the Alma last year when I weighed a bit more and the pants are a wearable muslin. None-the-less, I loved this outfit!

Front, some excess fabric in the crotch


I sewed the pants over the weekend and I must admit that sewing pants isn’t very hard. Now fitting them is a whole other story. I have no knowledge on fitting pants, so I thought I could enlist the help of The Monthly Stitch to advice me on pant fitting. I thought the Clover Pants was a good starting point as there are no fiddly details such as a front fly or slant side pockets (although I do wish to add them). Start simple. Plus I got them on sale. I fell in between the size 4 and 6 and sewed a straight size 6. Perhaps I should have sewn a 4? I also feel there’s some excess fabric around the crotch and back. Seeing the pictures, I definitely feel I should go down a size. The pictures are taken after a day of wear. I’m open for any advice, but at the same time I know I will only go so far in achieving the perfect fit. Having worn RTW pants all my life, I don’t know how pants are supposed to fit on me. Sad but true.

The waistband could perhaps be a smidgen smaller

The fabric is a brushed stretch cotton twill from Stoff och Stil. It’s lovely and soft and was a joy to work with. I found the pattern easy to work with, although some of my notches didn’t line up, if that’s due to the pattern or me, I’ll leave unsaid. The instructions are easy to follow, although sometimes Colette has a little too much hand-holding for my taste. But better that than the other way around I suppose.

Bagginess I didn’t know was there

I love wearing these pants and they fill a gap in my wardrobe, I just want them a bit better. I think I can reach that goal and when I do I want a pair in every colour. Well, maybe not, but I do have some burgundy Twill waiting for me. So please help me with these pants. I ask because I know you will be nice to me, right? (Sorry for the boring pictures, quick photo shoot after work)

14 thoughts on “Colette Clover Pants – First Draft

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  7. The pants are such a pretty color and the slot pockets look great! Fitting is a slap in the head, and it takes time to get it down, but I would encourage you to push through the learning process. I will point you to Peggy Sager’s work on this point. She does a good job of helping you figure out how to drape out the excess (for you it looks like the excess is below the hip to the knee and under your seat) and slash and add to add where you need it. I always have under bum excess, and once you learn to get rid of it, you’ll never buy RTW pants again because pants are SO much more comfortable without all the extra fabric. It’s actually pretty intuitive once you start doing it.

    Peggy Sagers’ webcasts: Ultimate Pant Fit, Fitting Jeans
    Fit 2 Stitch: Jeans–
    Fit 2 Stitch: The Contemporary Pant–

    The camera work on the Fit 2 Stitch videos is a little clearer than on the webcasts, but the webcasts still have good information on them.
    Good luck!


  8. All the bagginess (though I don’t think it looks bad at all) may be the result of twill “growing” during wear, especially if you spend part of the day sitting. Once the pants are washed, the fit may look and feel very different. Cotton shrinks a lot and tends to stretch some during wear. For the first pair of pants, they look fantastic!


  9. Pants are hard. Don’t give up! One of the big lessons I had to learn is that they will need to be altered with each new kind of fabric you sew them in, so always baste and fit! Good luck and thanks for sharing.


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