Riding that Manta Wave

I’m sliding in with one last post for Indie Pattern Month. It has been fun sewing all of these Indie patterns that I’ve been hoarding! I was absolutely scared for nothing lol.

I’ve had about 11-13 Named patterns in my email for about a year and change and I hadn’t made one YET… until now. I started with something easy just to see what sizing was like. These are the Manta Wave Leggings. They’re wave leggings because they curve below the knee in the front and above the calf in the back. There are only two pattern pieces for this pattern, a top and a bottom. There also isn’t side seams. This pattern is REALLY really easy to make up. The pattern instructions for these are only 1 page long (and that’s including pictures lol)

Let me just say first that the people over at Named clothing have THE BEST customer service ever. Everytime I come back to them whining about how I can’t find my files, they ALWAYS help me out and get me what I need, even though they aren’t necessarily obligated to do so. The sizes come in pairs for Named patterns and I needed the size 44/46 so I could cut a size 44.
The fabric I used for these are some remnants that I got from the remnant bin at JoAnn Fabrics. I finally got my mom to understand my addiction to the remnant bin. You just never know when a little bit of yardage will come in handy! I had .806 yds of the top fabric labeled “WUJI Biking Red Jet Set” and .556 yds of the bottom fabric that is unlabeled. I knew it was a type of athletic spandex though by the feel.
The only directions that I didn’t follow were for the waistband. Instead of what they said, I just sewed the waist band to the wrong side of the waist and flip it in so that it would be covered with the fabric. I used that swimsuit/lingerie zig zag stitch to topstitch it down. I used 1″ wide elastic instead of 3/4″ wide. I have half a mind to add a drawstring like my photographer suggested.
Sewing these were sooo so easy after watching first “Sew Smarter: 30 Professional Techniques” with Katrina Walker and then “Sew Better, Sew Faster: Garment Industry Secrets” with Janet Pray on Craftsy. From Katrina, I learned to walk the concave and convex curves together instead of pinning them and then you will see where it needs to be clipped and I won’t have to use a zillion pins. From Janet I learned to forget pins altogether and I haven’t sewn soo fast since I began sewing. I usually pin EVERYwhere and for everything but using her techniques has really help cut down my time AND i magically got a perfect intersection at the inseam.. wizardry. I definitely recommend both classes. This is not a sponsored post by the way… I paid good money for those classes lol (I bought like 15 when they were on sale around black friday)
With this version i had a small amount of extra fabric at the front. I believe that’s because I didn’t have the elastic tight enough. They keep falling for the same reason. I can’t ACTUALLY work out in these (unless I add the drawstring) lol these will be used for lounging around the house, running errands, and cleaning lol  I was in the process of making a second pair in faux leather so I could join the “1 pattern, 2 takes” contest but I had decided to make some changes to the pattern first. I did a 1″ full butt adjustment that I made sense of in my head. I also scoop 3/8″ out of the crotch curve all the way to the waist, and I added 2.5″ to the length of the bottom part of the leg. When I tried one leg of the faux leather iteration, I already knew it wasn’t going to fit lol. The faux leather doesn’t have the same stretch as the spandex I used for this first version so taking that 3/8s from the crotch was a bad idea. Also, the faux leather doesn’t have ANY vertical stretch so it does not pull up the way the spandex version does.
Sidenote: It looks like Named is having a sale on more than half their patterns right now so go check out their shop!
There are few more pics on my blog if you wanna check them out!
Congratulations to all the winners this month!

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  2. Love these! Another pattern to add to my wishlist, haha! 😉

    Thanks for the tips on the Craftsy classes – think I’ll have to go have a look at those, too!


  3. Thanks! Ashamed to say I have Katrinas ckass which I also bought during Black Frjday sales but have yet to watch it. Got so many classes lols. Will be checking out Katrina’s class though.

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  4. Thanks for sharing! I love the leggings – they look very professinal! I am interested in what said about sewing the curves without pins – did you staystitch before?


    • Thank you! You bring up something I meant to mention in the post. The seam allowance is only 3/8″. So no I didn’t staystitch (it wasn’t in the instructions either). But Katrina (and Janet) don’t find it necessary to staystitch when sewing small seam allowances. Janet keeps saying “honor the curve” which basically means, don’t straighten the curves out to force them to meet up, but move the fabric with your hands to follow the curves of the fabric. And that’s what Katrina pretty much does when she walks the curves together. It’s pretty fascinating stuff lol You should check out Katrina’s class!

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