Cute Silver Checkers Fit and Flare!!!!

Hello everyone!! So if you actually click on a picture you can see that there is checkers/boxes in the fabric!  This is about as close as I can get to checkers, but I think that it still counts!  (the checkers are in the silvery part of the fabric)

So this cute fit and flare I made just for Trey’s cousins wedding on June 13!  I am really excited to see everyone again!  The wedding was up in Canada just across the Michigan boarder.  It was a beautiful wedding, and so much fun!  Can I go back to Canada?

Side view of fit and flare

Believe it or not, I bought this fabric at Walmart back in November 2014, and I just haven’t gotten to making anything with it until now.  I had to buy it as soon as I saw it because I just fell completely in love with it.  The lining fabric is just a basic cotton lining that I bought at Joann Fabrics.

Sorry for the horrible blurryness of this photo... its one of my favorites though.

Sorry for the horrible blurryness of this photo… its one of my favorites though.

I did use a pattern for this, its McCall’s 6887.  It is kinda funny though, this dress was a complete disaster when I finished it the first time…  I completely forgot to put the back skirt paneling in.  After freaking out as to why this dress wasn’t working, I calmed down and started to watch some Parks and Rec and sat on a pin.  The skirt back was hidden under some pillows that I moved around throughout that evening.  Once I realized the problem everything was fixed and I am absolutely in love with this dress!!!!

Back of My Fit and Flare Dress

Please pardon the begging of my lifeguard tan lines…

Oh and here is a picture of me wearing the dress and a picture of my boyfriend and myself!  Isn’t he awesome!  I still have one more wedding to go this summer, and I still haven’t really figured out what I am wearing to it because it is a baseball themed wedding.  I’m assuming it is more casual, but I will still be making a new dress for the occasion.  (Plus I have been really bored with my wardrobe lately and am thinking about just donating all of it and starting new.)

Trey and Sam

If you want to see this dress on my blog, you can check it out HERE!!

What are you wearing to any of your summer weddings this year?


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  1. Gorgeous dress! I love that back cut-out shape – it’s unexpected and looks great. Nice work! Hope you enjoy the rest of the wedding season! 🙂

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