Announcing the August Challenge!

Every year in June we celebrate Indie Pattern Month which is very exciting…it’s all wrapping up now, phew, what a month! But hey! You know what’s even more exciting?

The Monthly Stitch’s birthday!

This year we are TWO, oh yeah!

*cue streamers from the ceiling and those silly uncurling party blower thingees!*


In August we’re challenging you to celebrate with us by using the number two to inspire your sewing. But no cheating! We don’t just want to see appliquéd ‘2’s everywhere, think outside the box!

Here are some ideas:

  • Same fabric, two garments
  • Twinsies with another sewing friend (could be with another TMS contributor, or a friend from the blog-o-sphere, team up!)
  • One garment, two fabrics

Whatever you can think of, just make sure you explain how the number “two” is represented in your sewing.

So, how are you planning to help us celebrate our 2nd birthday?



Other exciting things:
  • Indie pattern month is over now but look out for the winners of the final week coming soon and our wrap up posts.
  • July’s challenge is ‘Check’ it out! See all the posts here.
  • We all love comments! Don’t forget to look back over the recent posts and leave an encouraging comment or start a conversation.
  • Additions to the Collective page went on hold for May/June while we prepared for IPM but we’re catching up now – jump on over to the bottom of that page for a request form, we’d love to have you all added.

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