Dear doctor,

I think my plaid-affliction started last year when I was in the UK.  There’s the blackwatch tartan skirt I pleated ‘Vivienne Westwood’ style this month as part of my Minerva Crafts UK make. This is one of my newest work skirts and I’ve used a basic McCalls skirt to make it up.

I made this skirt after figuring out where the pleats should be and then placing the skirt pattern on top of the fabric.

My plaid madness only trebled after seeing the TV series Outlander, reading all eight books as well as finding the costume website run by Terry Dresbach. Hence this month’s madness for all things plaid fits in quiet well with my current plaid affliction.

Ok, earlier this year I whipped up this tartan and floral dress as my highland inspired dress. I do wear this dress to work and they’re very supportive of my plaid/Outlander condition.

Prior to this month’s quirky work skirt was my ‘let’s see how this turns out’ big red plaid for a double inverted pleat skirt.

Again using my basic McCalls skirt but pinning the double inverted pleats first before I laid the pattern over the fabric as ‘insurance’.

Doctor, I just can’t stop now that I’ve figured out how to line up the plaids and use the walking foot on my sewing machine. Is that really wrong Doctor?

Kirsty of Top Notch wore a fab plaid dress last year at Frocktails Sydney. I bought the same fabric from ‘little old Spotlight’ when it came on special and last week I used my current fav McCalls 4261 activewear pattern for a new respectable winter layer to wear with jeans. I’m really enjoying matching lines and seams using either lots of pins or using my walking foot to match the lines across each for a bit more accuracy.

plaid-top-front plaid-top-back plaid-top-hands-on-knees

So at some point I’ll make a kilt, but my maths is abysmal so while those of you who are mathematically inclined could figure out the ‘tartan to kilt’ ratio easily, I’ll be pinning the fabric to my dressmaker dummy instead.

There are two appropriate remnants in the fabric stash I’m considering to make up this month, while it’s cold but I’m more interested to see what everyone from The Monthly Stitch whips up for this month’s challenge. I love seeing everyone else’s point of view.

Actually Doctor, I think I have this affliction under control. As soon as it’s 20C again, I know I’ll be cured. Promise.

6 thoughts on “Mad4plaid

  1. So many wow garments! If you can do those Vivienne Westwood pleats surely the kilt is within reach, maths or no. (I can’t believe I just wrote maths. To Americans that sounds silly. My daughter’s international school is rubbing off on me.) I fully support your plaid loving condition– hope it continues!


  2. I am also loving all things plaid at the moment. I really like the variations of the skirts you have made and the top is a lovely fit on you.


  3. Haha, I can see how the plaid obsession has expanded. They all look lovely, I’m impressed that matching so many plaids hasn’t put you off, so again you must really love plaid. The red skirt is my favourite.


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