Gingham shorts adding a Twist To my African Print Blazer

The Blazer was made as part of my first ever Sew-A-Long, which was documented on the blog. I knew I was going to make pants to match the blazer and I wanted an alternative option. I used gingham on the underside of the collar so I thought I could use the rest of the gingham for a pair of self drafted short-shorts. Then this challenge comes along and everything aligned in the universe. Since these were just going to be plain shorts, I wanted to add a little something to them. I sewed the zipper on the outside of the shorts on the side. These shorts are not the star of this outfit but they do make it more interesting. If you want to see more stop by the BLOG. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Gingham shorts adding a Twist To my African Print Blazer

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    • I agree Elizabeth! I think we should start a revaluation! Jackets and shorts, Jackets ans shorts! Only problem is you won’t see me in a pair of short-shorts….so I’mma put the revaluation on hold and just say Thank You.

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      • I love the idea of it so much, but usually it’s too hot to wear a jacket when it’s warm enough to wear shorts and too cold to wear shorts when it’s just right for a jacket. A Goldiocksian condundrum. Oh well, fashion is pain, no? And if pain looks as good as your ensemble, it’s not so bad. 😉


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