And the Indie Pattern Month wrap up….

Crazy to believe, but Indie Pattern Month is over for 2015!

We hope you all enjoyed it. Maybe you sewed up an indie pattern, found out about a designer you hadn’t heard of before, got inspired by other peoples creations….?

We’d love to hear what you thought of Indie Pattern Month – what worked well, what would you like to see next year, etc. So we’ve put together a short survey – it would be great if you could take a moment to fill it out and share your thoughts! You can find the survey here.

One of our contributors had an idea over on the Facebook group that a lot of you seemed to like – having a time when everyone who took part in the pattern swap and ran out of time to make up their new patterns during June could show off their creations. And we also thought, wouldn’t it be great to see what the winners of the contests made with their new patterns and fabric? (Plus, there’s always a few of us who don’t quite get their indie creations made in time. Like me. Whoops….!)

So, we’ve got an Indie Pattern Month wrap-up day planned! For one day, on 31 July, we want to see your final Indie Pattern Month creations. We’d love to see the following:

  • Anything you made for Indie Pattern Month that you didn’t manage to finish or post on the blog before the end of June
  • If you took part in the pattern swap, something you made using a pattern you received
  • If you won one of the contest prizes, something you made using your prize
  • If you bought a new pattern or fabric using one of the discount codes for Indie Pattern Month, show us what you made from that pattern

Yep, that’s right! We want to see what you did with the things you got during the month! (Plus you get bonus points if it also fits this months Check It Out challenge 😉

Go on, get sewing and show us your final Indie Pattern Month creations on 31 July! We’ve made a new category for them as well – IPM 2015 Wrap Up.

4 thoughts on “And the Indie Pattern Month wrap up….

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  2. Mm, what a good idea! I wonder who thought of that! Give them a gold star 😜 I’ve got at least one from my pattern swap which I’d love to share. Just so my swap can see what a fab choice they made.


  3. Great idea 🙂 I have printed the PDF pattern I won out – all 60odd pages of it – I think I’ll be sticking it together all month! Haha…. I’ve also been wondering how you judges got on with your IPM goals…?!


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