17 Ways to Rad

I missed the whole of Indie Pattern month because I was busy … here’s what I was doing… (thisismoonlight)

this is moonlight

This jacket is 17 different kinds of rad.
1. It looks great
2. It fits greatjacket1 3. It’s made from wool
4. I got to choose the wool
5. The wool is from the Scottish Highlands


6. The pattern is Japanese
7. I got to choose the pattern
8. It’s inspired by snowboarding heritage

9. It has toggles
10. It has a hood
11. It’s made by Nicki
12. The whole family now have cool jackets made by Nicki

13. It’s lined with old MUST t-shirt logos
14. The t-shirts are from 1996-2002
15. It embodies many happy memories with great friends


16. I could snowboard in it
17. It holds the promise of many more happy memories to come

This post was bought to you by Super Bloke, who sadly had to stop daydreaming and get back to work..


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15 thoughts on “17 Ways to Rad

  1. Nice! Love the guest posting and photo editing. Beautiful jacket too. Jackets are so much work but so satisfying, I find, especially when you can add special details like your t-shirt lining.


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