A gingham skirt and a Lucille Ball look!

Well today my sister got in on the action. She’s wearing my “I Love Lucy” gingham skirt. I had a few yards of gingham left from another sewing project and I decided to make another entry for the July’s challenge for the Monthly Stitch. I decided to make this skirt since I was already sewing a few other skirts. This is a self-drafted skirt with a split in the front. Since the skirt is super simple I decided to add a little fun with the pockets and ideal I got from The Steely Seamstress. She is wearing pair of DIY pumps that I made for a gingham outfit, during the “Rippin Ain’t Easy “sewing competition. When I finished sewing this gingham all I could think was Lucille Ball……Waaaaaahhhhh!

Stop by to see a few more pictures HERE

26 thoughts on “A gingham skirt and a Lucille Ball look!

    • I know from now on that my daughter must try on the shoes before I do anything to them or this will happen. They were just a simple pump so I really didn’t think there would be any fitting issues but they will look classic on display in my new sewing room.


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