Plaid Jalie Board Shorts for the Boyfriend!

Hi all! I’m glad to be back for this month’s challenge!

Jalie Board Shorts made for the boyfriend! This was my first time using a pattern from Jalie, and I have to say I’m very impressed. I loved the pattern file, for one. I appreciate any PDF pattern that’s easy on my printer. I always like to have the directions with me, but more often than not there are way too many pages so I run back and forth between my printer and sewing machine in the other room. This one had only 3 that I needed to print! One with the instructions and two with great little diagrams. Thank you, Jalie!

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

I couldn’t find a board short fabric that I liked, so I tried this Robert Kaufman Double Cloth – it’s two layers (one side is plain brown, the other is the plaid). They aren’t technically board shorts without the right fabric, but I was going for comfy casual shorts instead. And they fit perfectly into the ‘Check’ it out challenge!

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there is absolutely zero pattern matching going on here! I cut out the fabric with plans to make them mostly brown with an accent of the plaid. Then last minute I changed my mind and wanted to go a little more bold, so I turned the pieces around. I’m just glad the front looks mostly well coordinated.

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

Before starting, I considered adding length to the pattern but I’m glad I didn’t – these were so long! I shortened the hem an extra ~1.5″. The legs also came out a little wider than I would have liked but overall I loved the pattern. And with all of the topstitching, these are really sturdy shorts!

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky BlogThere are the guts! All of the seams are serged then tacked down with the topstitiching. All of the construction was really straightforward.

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

Which brings me to… the one major problem I had! The eyelets! This was my first time doing eyelets and it was a major fail! Look at those!! 😦 Sad day.

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

He barely put them on for the photos and they did this! Were my holes just too big? Did I not secure them well enough to the fabric? Was it just the fabric itself? I’ll have to take the tabs off and try again, but for now this is how they’ll stay :/

This post wouldn’t be complete without a photo of the entire look. Notice the socks with sandals… this is how he would go out every day if I didn’t stop him :/ Embarrassment is not a word in this guy’s vocabulary. 🙂

Jalie Board Shorts | Life by Ky Blog

Thanks for reading! Come by the blog to say hi!

Until next time,

12 thoughts on “Plaid Jalie Board Shorts for the Boyfriend!

  1. I love Jalie patterns! Their instructions are always so good and even clever in places, and their drafting is so good. I may pick up this pattern for my boys. I’ve had bad experiences with eyelets before too. I’m sure there’s gotta be a tool that would make setting them easier and a less frustrating experience. Very cool fabric, and I love how you’ve used it to pattern block!


  2. Ky, they look great; the reversible plaid is awesome! But is there any interfacing inside the tabs? For eyelets you want a really strong area, so interfacing or even better, interfacing both sides of the tab, will give you happier results.


  3. Reversible fabric?!? That sounds amazing to work with! I love what you’ve done with it – the shorts look great. 🙂

    Shame about the eyelets. 😦 Did you interface the fabric to stabilise it before attaching them?


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