Woolen Waver Jacket

Hello, today I’m sharing my Waver Jacket by Papercut Patterns for Check it Out month.

I used 100% wool coating from The Fabric Store Auckland, which they happily mail-ordered to me.  It was part of their wool sale and I got this beautiful fabric for $12 a meter!  The patterns calls for 2.5 meters, but I managed to eke it out of 2.

Waver Jacket

Waver Jacket

I did my best to pattern match, buy cutting one layer at a time.  I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the front with the facing attached, as in the pattern, but was able to make do by cutting it separately.


The most important part was to match the stripes across the front and I’m really proud of how well it came out!

Waver Jacket

Waver Jacket

I also made a recycled wool blanket coat for my daughter.  Her coat I paid no attention to pattern matching and I learnt my lesson, because the unmatched stripes bug me!  She doesn’t care, she loves her coat!.

recycled woolen blanket jacket

recycled woolen blanket jacket

I lined my coat with some graphic poplin from spotlight.

I made a couple of modifications.  I slimmed down the coat by blending between sizes, from an L at the bust to an S at the hips.  I based this modification on the fit of my short jacket that I made a straight L.  I knew that I didn’t want the long coat too big.  I added welt pockets to the front (instead of patch) and a secret pocket in the lining.

Waver jacket

Waver Jacket

I was experimenting with i movie and made this tutorial if your interested.

I top-stitched everything!  At least way more that the pattern called for.  It made the wool look nice and crisp and showed off the detail of the facings (which I like).

And last but not least, I added 2 vintage buttons.

Waver Jacket

Waver Jacket

19 thoughts on “Woolen Waver Jacket

  1. Congratulations on such a beautiful jacket. The details are beautiful, especially the topstitching. I loved your daughters jacket too, what a great idea! I have seen old blankets embroidered and made into cushions, but I’ve never seen them made into clothes.

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  2. Well done! I love your fabric combination and the secret cell-phone pocket. Plus, you made a cute little coat for your daughter. She looks thrilled! Great little movie too 🙂


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