Very Easy Vogue My Ass

For this month’s Check It Out challenge I chose Vogue 9100, a “very easy vogue” pattern that proved to be anything but. Has anyone else sewn this pattern? If you have, you’ll know that the skirt pattern pieces are screwed up and it’s Vogue’s printing fault. For some reason the pattern pieces on the skirt are totally off and do not line up. Anyway, after some pattern alterations I finally ended up with a couple of skirt pieces that would work. The only other alteration I made was to add a belt to help cinch the waist in a bit on this full gathered skirt.

The fabric I used is a cotton madras from Hancock Fabrics. I liked the colors on this fabric because they kind of remind me of my grandma for some reason. Looks like colors she’d wear.

The pattern features a beautiful low open back design.

Chillin’ on my DIY patio cushions!

For more on this, including a tutorial on how to make a gathered skirt using the cord method, visit my blog at See Carmen Sew.

Happy Sewing Everyone!

14 thoughts on “Very Easy Vogue My Ass

  1. I’ve always been suspicious of pattern companies’ rating systems. Truly easy ones can be marked as harder, and does it really take just 1 hour to make dress, Simplicity? In a parallel universe not bound by the constraints of time perhaps. At any rate, you did a great job of making this pattern work. The style is great on you, and it flows so beautifully in the Madras!


  2. Haha, this title made me giggle! I LOVE your finished sundress though, looks cool and breezy and stylish, perfect for summer. Love the styling and pretty photos too 🙂


  3. I had a Simplicity do that to me one time. I contacted the company to alert them to fix it if they ever reprinted it. They thanked me and sent me a coupon for a free pattern. You should try it with Vogue since they gave you such a headache!


  4. I know! Very Easy, Very Vogue……ppppphhhhttttt. I still have a Very Easy Vogue, wadded up in the corner after weeks of trying to figure it out. Your dress, however, came out beautifully!


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