Check out my Buttoned Alma

I’m not much for plaids and the likes and I thought I would have to sit this challenge out. Then I remembered that I had some leftover fabric from my maxi Anna (as seen in Indie Month), I had bought some extra fabric to get a blouse from it, so I present my gingham Alma.

For long I have wanted a buttoned blouse, but couldn’t find a pattern to match my needs. Enter Sewaholic’s Alma, which I’ve sewn four times before, a lovely pattern. Due to the double darts it’s quite easy to fit a larger chest. This time I changed the pattern to make it a buttoned blouse. I added width (2 cm) in the CF and adjusted the facings accordingly. For upcoming versions I think I will add a bit more in the CF and use more buttons than the five I used now, it’s a little prone to gaping.

Still, I love my new blouse and I’m proud for successfully altering a pattern, something I’ve attempted before but never really done well. So yay! There will be more Almas in my future.

For more information on how I altered the pattern, you can visit my blog.


10 thoughts on “Check out my Buttoned Alma

  1. It looks great, love the colour. To help with the gaping you need to place your first button at the largest part of your bust (in between where you’ve put your second and third button), then space the rest of your buttons from there 🙂


    • Thanks! I think one problem here was too few and too big buttons. For upcoming iterations I will use more and smaller and start with the bust button


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