Gingham Vintage

I made this shirt from trousers I retrieved from a bin! I used a vintage Simplicity pattern 5022. There wasn’t enough fabric for a collar. I cut it in 4 pieces instead of 3 and I folded over the fabric instead of cutting interfacing (I was able to do this as there is a lot of stretch in the fabric and it is generously sized).

So comfortable I wore it on a bike ride. I posted the pic of me wearing the handmade shirt on facebook and someone wrote underneath I have got fat saying I need to do exercise. um, I’ve never driven a car I cycle everywhere! I have made an effort to get photos this year of my sewing actually fitted, I even donated my mannequin! I’ve passed the stage of photographing clothes on the mannequin, but not at the stage of ‘not caring’ what people think, unfortunately. I still blog without photos of me at all for this reason.


Anyway I wouldn’t have sewn sleeves even if I’d had enough fabric as it was just perfect as a sleeveless! Maybe I ”need” to start lifting weights again but he needs to learn some manners..! And yes, I did hit the unfriend button!

I think this fine gingham is easy to wear as it’s very subtle and all seasons suitable. The seersucker fabric is lovely in summer! This was also a learning experience as I hadn’t needed to sew buttonholes with interfacing both sides before!

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15 thoughts on “Gingham Vintage

  1. Great job on the top, vintage patterns are such fun! I can’t believe that person was so rude, he’s clearly delusional cos you look trim & terrific!


  2. I think you look fantastic in this shirt! You did a great job on it and way to go for up-cycling! That’s something I want to get better at.


  3. Thank you everyone for the kindness! I think I prefer sewing button closures to zips, I think i’ve mastered both lapped and invisible now, but getting the top to match up, not sewing too close or over the teeth or lining, I still dread that part a little !


  4. I can’t believe someone said that to you–what a jerk! I think you look great, and so does the shirt. Kudos for managing to get a whole top out of pants yardage limitations!


  5. Thank you. It was nice timing to find it too for this check challenge! I only wonder what else went to landfill that I could have used! When my clothes are very worn i strip them down to buttons and zips.


  6. The shirt looks so great on you and you’ve got a great figure. Whoever said that you didn’t was just plain weird. I love the fact that you used trousers to make that shirt – such a great up cycled garment.


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