Plaid dress hack – The movie!

Hello everyone!

Wow, I have a new plaid shirt in black and white! A very comfy everyday shirt to wear around the house  and garden… Not an elegant thing by any means. And that’s exactly what my wardrobe needs right now!

( I feel this summer has been all about cleaning, getting rid of garbage, painting, mending roofs, digging in the garden, taking down bushes, painting some more, weeding, and so on and on… and this has been pretty hard on my wardrobe. More than one thing has gone to the garbage heap, and some new stuff is badly needed!)

Another way I have been kept away from sewing ( stupid, I know) is  having fun over at Youtube, so you can watch the totally awesome 30 seconds of:

“Plaid shirt – the movie”!

And it haz MUSIC!!!!  To be honest I’m more excited by that than the shirt 😉

Oh yes, back to the shirt. It’s a Kilafors dress hack. ( My own pattern) I just added an overlapping placket in the front, with buttons and buttonholes, plus side seam pockets, and made it in tunic length. The inside of the hem and front/collar is made of contrasting turquoise fabric. The rest is basically the original pattern. Oh right,  the sleeves, I made them 3/4 length with no cuff, as I prefer the convertible style in the summer, roll down if it’s chilly and up if it’s warm!



This fabric was given to me from a relative who did a stash purge a few weeks ago.  But why on earth did she want to get rid of it? It’s soft, nice 100% cotton, and black and white is a classic!  I guess it looks a little like home decor fabric. I hope I don’t look like I’m wearing a kitchen curtain?

The photos are taken in the garden on a windy morning. The shirt kept blowing around, I got some really weird looking photos. I’m also wearing my super baggy linen pants, so it got a bit “clownish” at times. But hey, cool and elegant was not what I asked for this time…

If you want to know more, head over to my blog!


And tada! The movie!





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  1. Despite your doubts I thought your “baggy” ensemble was casually chic. Black and white check always has to be a winner


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