Check check check, check it out…

Hey All,

So this is my first post on the monthly stitch and my first time posting on wordpress in general, so I hope all goes well!  My name is Kten, I post over at Jinx & Gunner, but somewhat recently in my my sewing blog perusal I came upon the monthly stitch and I knew I had to get on this boat!  So here I am with contribution #1, Simplicity 1755:

I’ve had this fabric in the stash for a bit so I figured now would be the perfect time to get a snippin’.  The fabric itself was mostly easy to work with, but I obviously wanted to make sure everything lined up properly.  As you can see I almost succeeded, but somehow the horizontal center waist seam went off kilter.  It was a big disappointment when I first realized, but now I’m over it.  Egh, can’t win ’em all.  If anyone calls me out on my mis-matched waist seam I’ll just call them out on being the jerk they are 😉

If you know this pattern, you may have noticed that this is not the skirt that comes with it.  The actual skirt to the pattern is a full shirt with knife pleats to boot.  I’ve seen many a super cute version on other peoples blogs, but I was worried all those knife pleats melding with my plaid fabric was going to make people motion sick when I walked toward them.  So self drafted pencil skirt it was!

All in all I think it came together pretty well.  If I make this dress again, which is highly likely, I think I might shorten the bodice by about a half inch.  (If you zoom in on that back view picture you can see a little bunching. Erg.).  Anyways, that’s about it but on the chance linings get you going, I’ll leave you with this one teaser:

Hope to chat again soon!


19 thoughts on “Check check check, check it out…

  1. I personally love what happened with the plaid at your waist– it makes a focal point out of the exact right spot! Love the fabric itself, and you did an amazing job of sewing and fitting your frock!


  2. Very beautiful dress. I like your choice of fabric. The first thing that caught my eye was the precise plaid match. I didn’t see any mismatch at all.


    • Thanks Clarinda, I’m glad you like it. You should check out the pattern if you like the neck line, it wasn’t too hard to put together.


    • Ha yes! I’m going to do that. Or maybe I’ll just wear a belt over it ;). Thank you especially for your comment on my lining, it was my first full lining!


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