Plaid and flowers, great combo!

Hi Monthly stitchers!

I tried very hard to get TWO new things into the check it out month, and almost managed!

I finished this dress  a few weeks ago, but had no luck with the photo shoot. It’s been storm and cold rain day in and day out  😦  but finally the weather gods cooperated, and I could go outside wearing a sleeveless dress without freezing to death!

I started this dress with the idea of finding a good way to use fabric scraps and  all the 1 meter or 1 yard pieces I have lying around.

Don’t you do that too? I mean buying a meter or a yard when you spot a nice fabric but don’t have a specific idea about what to do with it?

At least I’ve stopped doing that, But I DO keep buying too little when it’s an expensive fabric….. So this is the self drafted (very) wearable  “1-meter/1 yard-dress”  muslin!

As it’s a muslin the insides are not too exciting, just plain overlocked seams. The plaid fabric was a simple men’s shirt cotton that was originally a beige and blue boring thing. When I dyed a lot of other things black I threw it in, and it came out a slightly more interesting dark green.

I had exactly one meter, and it worked out perfectly! A yard is a little less, 0,9 meter, but it would be enough too. Mission accomplished!

Of course, there has to be a second fabric too, but a pretty small leftover would be enough for that!

The flowered fabric is from a thrift store, it’s a very soft and nice printed cotton lawn. The print and the colors definitively have a 70’s feeling! I mean, dark red and beige flowers on dark green, could it be more 1978?

The print and the quality is very nice, I could almost guess it’s a Liberty fabric, but there is nothing printed on the edges…

If you wan to know more, head over to my blog!

Thanks for reading,




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