Giving Two Well Beloved Clothes a Second Live

First of all to Kat, Mel and Juliet: you’re a wonderful trio. Two years Monthly Stitch: Wow. This is my second time to join the birthday challenge. The first was the cake challenge. Well that is 2. Since I became a member of this monthly creativity and inspiring sewing collective I didn’t take part in 2 challenges: g33kout and mens-wear&childrens-wear. That is 2 again.

When the August challenge was announced I wanted to use a fabric from my stash. In my mind there had to be a black and white fabric, but when I looked at the fabric there was also grey. I went through all my stash fabric, but I didn’t find any two colored fabric. Plan B was a refashion. From my mother closed came this cardigan. It has a beautiful multicolored animal print. For the contrast I decided to use a black T-shirt from our youngest daughter. The name of this entry would be: giving two well beloved clothes a second live.   I started with drawing a sketch of what I had in my head to make from both pieces. Although the cardigan was size 46 and I have size 36 there was not enough fabric to play with. There wasn’t any pattern that I could use so I decided to draft the cutting lines straight on the fabric. The original fabric had a separate button band for the buttonholes and buttons but I wanted to cut button band together with front pattern pieces and sew the contract black fabric on top of it. The original V-neckline was saved. The V was a nice idea: the letter V is composed out of 2 lines. I decided to make more V’s: 2 in the neckline and 2 in the sleeve hem. The 2-theme is also used for the buttons: I paired each time two buttons. The black jeans is from an earlier project. Like to see some other pictures or other makes: click here.

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